Feral Cats

Stormy the cat and Jamie Thomas in a waiting room at First Coast No More Homeless Pet's veterinary clinic.
Brendan Rivers / WJCT News

More than 4,100 cats and dogs are killed every day in animal shelters across the U.S. - nearly 1.5 million every year - but a Jacksonville-based organization claims to have an effective method to bring those numbers down and its model is being exported to communities across the country.

Warren Miller

Tammy King was an animal person long before she came to the commercial fishing village at Mayport, where there are more feral cats than people. She started a non-profit, Mayport Cats, to spay, neuter and treat the health issues of feral cats to humanely control their population. It’s the hardest job she’s ever had.

cats in cages
First Coast No More Homeless Pets

Dogs and cats can now be fixed for free, thanks to grant money and gifts now flowing to animal-care facilities in Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia. The services are available to pet owners and those who want to help feral animals too.

In state legislatures around the country, lawmakers are debating important subjects — education reform, election laws, gun control and abortion. But in Florida, one of the hottest issues to come before the Legislature this term involves cats.

There, lawmakers are considering a contentious bill that would offer legal protection to groups that trap, neuter and return feral cats to their colonies.

An Alternative To Shelters