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In ancient Greece, the word "doula" meant "a woman's servant." But today, doulas serve as the modern-day social support for women during one of the most important phases of their lives: pregnancy and childbirth.

May Is Better Hearing and Speech Month

May 3, 2013

Hearing loss is the most frequently diagnosed birth defect.  According to Cynthia Robinson, Co-Director of the Jacksonville Campus of the Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech, 33% of children in Florida do not receive follow-up hearing screenings after initial ones when they're newborns.

"Hearing loss is very devastating educationally," Robinson says.  "The most important thing is to get the community awareness out there that children who are born deaf or hard of hearing can, with modern technology and appropriate intervention, learn to listen and talk like hearing children do."

Local Author Turns Break-Up Into Book Deal

May 1, 2013
Florida Times-Union

After being dumped by her boyfriend of 10 years, First Coast author Caryn Rosenthal decided to turn that negative experience into a positive one. Rosnethal and co-author Maryjane Fahey, who was also dumped by her long term boyfriend, decided to get their lives back together, and used those bad breakups to write a successful book, "Dumped".

VIDEO: Comedian Rob Schneider On "First Coast Connect

Apr 30, 2013

Comedian, actor and SNL alum Rob Schneider was in town to perform at the Comedy Zone last week, and he dropped by Studio 5 to share his particular brand of humor.

Melissa Ross spoke with those leading the city's first-ever crowd funding festival, and highlighted a few interesting projects from creators at One Spark this morning as First Coast Connect broadcasted live from Hemming Plaza.

Listen to the show on our On Demand page, or check out video from the show below.

Monday 03/18/13


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Robin Wright

  The events of the Arab Spring were momentous and for many, exciting to watch as they unfolded in the Middle East. So what now?

That's the domain of acclaimed author and foreign correspondent Robin Wright. She's in town this week to discuss her book, Rock the Casbah: Rage and Rebellion Across the Muslim World.

First Coast Connect: Studio 5 Sessions - Valerie June

Oct 27, 2011

Valerie June performs live on First Coast Connect, October 27, 2011.