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Apalachicola Bay oysters, sweet and salty mollusks best served raw on the half-shell with a little lemon juice, will be off the menu for up to five years in the latest effort to revive the oyster population in the Franklin County bay.

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Anglers take note: You now have six additional recreational red snapper fishing days to take advantage of this year.


Those fishing from Florida’s coastlines may soon be barred from the popular practice of using chum to attract sharks near beaches.

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The public will have a chance to weigh in on the future of shore-based shark fishing at a series of public meetings that kick off next week in Bradenton and Fort Myers and will be coming to Jacksonville.

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Shore-based shark fishing, which attracts sharks already near land to feed in areas that often have low visibility, is increasing in conflict with where people swim and surf.

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Florida may proclaim itself the “fishing capital of the world,” but wildlife officials say they need more anglers to help cover costs of running state programs.

The same goes for hunters.

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In the Voices of the River series, we take a journey down the river and hear from the people who depend on the river for their living, or whose lives are changed because they live close to it.

In the second part of the series we hear from Bruce Knipper and Robin “Dude” Emmett. Knipper owns Trout River Fish Company in Panama Park near downtown Jacksonville.

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  A monthlong tournament has just kicked off to see who can take the most lionfish out of Northeast Florida waters. State wildlife officials are promoting similar tournaments around the state to thin out the invasive species’ numbers.

Divers at Jacksonville’s Mudville Grille signed up last week to prey on the spiny predator.

Benjamin Messinese, an Atlantic Beach resident, says you don’t have to think to catch a lionfish.

“They’re all over the place. They’re not skittish, they’re not scared,” Messiese said. “They sit still. They’re right there in front of you.”

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In the first of six stories on issues facing the St. Johns River, WJCT’s Peter Haden reports on the essentials of nutrients.

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The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission gave final approval Wednesday to a ban on imports of lionfish to Florida. 

Memorial Day, taxes, and Michael Dunn are in the headlines today.

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A local group is taking to the water to help kill an invasive species that has infiltrated the waters of the First Coast.

Florida State College at Jacksonville, Adecco, and Stand Your Ground are in the headlines today.

Local cancer study to keep test results for research, a shrimp boat in peril this morning off Ponte Vedra, and a first for a state execution are in the headlines today.

Florida’s fishing industry is one of the largest in the country and that includes fishing tourism. A new study shows the tourism has an almost $5 billion economic impact in the state.

Florida Lottery Brings Guy Harvey to First Coast

Jun 7, 2013
Catherine Byerly

The Florida Lottery kicked off a series of scratch off tickets on Friday featuring works by artist and conservationist Guy Harvey.

With the backdrop of the St Johns River behind her, Florida Lottery Secretary Cynthia O’Connell introduced new scratch off tickets featuring twelve unique works by Harvey depicting Florida species.

“It’s a great partnership,” O’Connell said.  “We’ll promote fishing in the fishing capital of the world and Jacksonville is at the head of that leaderboard.”