Flagler County

person with a mask walking away from the beach, which is in the background
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Flagler County will reopen its beaches on Sunday, April 26, with some restrictions on allowed activities. 

The Flagler Beach Pier
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Flagler County has announced that it will begin offering coronavirus tests to some residents.

The Flagler Beach Pier
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Flagler County has announced it’s partnering with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on a beach renourishment project in Flagler Beach.

Flooding in Flagler County.
Flagler County Emergency Services

Flagler County residents with homes that were damaged during Hurricane Irma or are located in high risk areas have until the end of July to sell their property to the government at its assessed pre-storm value.

The Sheltering Tree in Bunnell.
The Sheltering Tree

The Bunnell City Commission voted unanimously Monday night to uphold a decision to shut down Flagler County’s only cold-weather homeless shelter.

Sara Ulis

A fight continues over the closure of a homeless shelter in a Flagler County town near Palm Coast.

cots in foreground, people sitting at tables
Sara Ulis

When the weather gets chilly this winter, homeless people in the city of Bunnell in Flagler County could have to tough it out on the streets.

That’s because The Sheltering Tree — the city’s only overnight cold-weather shelter — was shut down by Bunnell’s zoning board last week.  


Cases of domestic violence in Flagler increased by more than 8 percent last year and two homicides related to domestic violence have occurred since January.

Now, the increase has prompted Sheriff Rick Staly to take action.

Mission House, Inc. / Facebook

The only cold weather homeless shelter in Flagler county is turning to the public for help in providing services.

The Sheltering Tree cares for about 20 people on an average night when temperatures drop below 40 degrees. The volunteer shelter is available each year from November to March.

Fifty Florida counties will open early voting locations on Monday. Here's where they are in Northeast Florida, along with times and dates they'll be open before Election Day, Nov. 8. Registered voters can choose any early voting location in the county, unlike on Election Day, when they must vote in their precinct. 

Flagler Palm Coast logo
Flagler Palm Coast High School

Updated at 2 p.m. confirming a bomb threat was made.

Six students at Flagler Palm Coast High School in Flagler County have been suspended for emailing a bomb threat to Bunnell Elementary, said the Flagler County Sheriff's Office.

cowboy with cattle
State Library & Archives of Florida

Stories about Florida’s black cowboys may be hard to find in a textbook. However, a new traveling exhibit could help students learn about the little-known piece of Florida history.

Flagler College
Flagler College

Flagler College will host a week long seminar that introduces high school students to St. Augustine history. The first ever “Pirates, Protest and Preservation” program will take place June 12 through the June 17.

Funded by a $20,000 grant from the Florida Humanities Council, the seminar seeks to provide students with knowledge about different aspect of humanities.

The residential academic seminar was collectively developed by Flagler College faculty after they noticed  a lack of interest of humanities as a college major.

Unemployment numbers, flight MH370, and Obamacare are in the headlines today.

Pension reform, Mayor Alvin Brown, and Jordan Davis are in the headlines today.


TALLAHASSEE (The News Service of Florida) — Local governments want back some control over short-term vacation rentals, contending that a nearly 3-year-old state law has allowed little-regulated mini-hotels to grow amid residential communities.

But supporters of the 2011 law say Florida has achieved three consecutive years of record-setting tourism numbers in part by allowing homeowners to seasonally rent their properties. 

A vacation rental is considered any property that is leased more than three times in a calendar year, each time for periods of fewer than 30 days.