Florida Board of Education

STEM2 Forum

There’s a new initiative in Jacksonville focused on science, technology, engineering, math and medical programs.

The new STEM2 Hub, and an upcoming STEM2 Forum, are designed to help more students succeed.

Over the past decade, jobs in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) have grown at a rate three times faster than non-STEM jobs.

Momentum will continue over the next decade as STEM jobs will grow at a staggering rate of 17 percent.

Florida Education Commissioner Tony Bennett is facing calls to resign from state Democrats. Bennett is accused of changing school grades during his tenure as Indiana’s schools chief, but the story in Florida seems more about politics than policy.

As head of Indiana’s public schools, Tony Bennett implemented a school grading system similar to Florida’s. The first year Indiana schools received a report card was 2012. But before the report cards were released, Bennett says he and other Indiana officials were made aware of problems:


School grades are due out later this summer in Florida, and superintendents statewide have raised concerns about tougher grading standards and how they'll affect the rankings of their districts' schools.

In response, the State Board of Education is forming a task force to consider possible short- and long-term changes to the system.

Florida Board of Education Chair Gary Chartrand requested the task force.