Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Gov. Ron DeSantis addresses Manatee County wastewater leak

None of the dams in Northeast Florida have emergency action plans, even though 26 of the 28 dams require them and eight would be expected to cause some loss of life if they were to ever  rupture. That’s according to data from the state's Department of Environmental Protection.

Wetland Preserve
North Florida Land Trust

The Environmental Protection Agency announced Thursday it is handing over at least some of its oversight of Florida’s wetlands to the state.

View of Tampa's Sunshine Skyway Bridge as seen from Fort De Soto Park.
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The state’s Department of Environmental Protections Environmental Crimes Unit has arrested a Tampa man and business owner for littering and storing more than 50,000 pounds of untreated biomedical waste.

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The Duval County Health Department will receive just over a half million dollars from the state Department of Environmental Protection for its septic tank survey project.

Duval County Looks To Improve Recycling Rate

Jul 26, 2016
Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Duval County’s rate of recycling is below the state average, according to the latest figures released by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

Florida Regulators To Update Water Quality Standards

Jul 25, 2016
Sarah De Nicolais

Florida’s Environmental Regulation Commission is set to vote Tuesday on new proposed levels of pollutants in surface water.


A new environmental education facility opened to the public in Palatka last month, inviting school groups to learn about wetlands and wildlife.

Some scientists who helped develop the center are questioning whether the manufacturer Georgia-Pacific had too much influence over its curriculum.

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Environmental groups in Northeast Florida are criticizing state legislators on how they are shifting funds for an amendment passed last November.

The groups say Amendment 1’s original purpose was to fund the Land Acquisition Trust Fund which would then acquire, restore and manage conservation lands.

But now representatives from groups like the North Florida Land Trust are concerned legislators are using funds from Amendment for things other than land purchases.

The North Florida Land Trust purchases land for conservation and preservation.

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The federal government is considering 10 applications for offshore oil and gas exploration along the U.S. Eastern Seaboard.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection has asked to delay the permits for further impact studies.

Neil Armingeon says just a few years ago, he didn’t know about seismic airgun testing, a standard method of mapping oil and gas deposits in deep sea beds. Today, though, it’s one of his top priorities.

US Environmental Protection Agency

The House on Monday approved a measure that would require oil and gas companies to inform the state of chemicals being injected into the ground as part of a controversial drilling process known as "fracking."

The bill (HB 1205) also would prohibit permits from being issued until a study is completed on the potential impacts of fracking.

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The city of St. Augustine is monitoring the San Sebastian River after a sewage spill this weekend. A power outage at a city utility station sent thousands of gallons of untreated sewage flowing into the river.

A raccoon shorted out power to a sewer lift station at the end of Helen Street in St. Augustine at around 10 p.m. on Friday. But city crews were not aware of it until 8 a.m. the next morning. They restored power, but not before an estimated 60,000 gallons of sewage flowed into the San Sebastian.

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 The City of Jacksonville is automating it’s curbside recycling program. That means new recycling bins for residents. 

"Soon, three-fourths of the city will have the new carts," said Jeff Foster, director of Solid Waste for the City of Jacksonville.

The new recycling bins have bright yellow lids and they will be picked up every-other week by a truck with a big mechanical arm. And they can hold much more than the old blue bins.

"All the plastics 1-7, metals, glass, paper, cardboard, styrofoam...even cellophane wrapping from packaging," said Foster.

Surplus State Park Land Sale Program 'A Disaster'

Jan 13, 2014
Florida Department of Environmental Protection

TALLAHASSEE (The News Service of Florida) — A legislatively approved initiative to sell surplus park lands to raise money to buy more environmentally sensitive sites has been a "disaster," according to Sen. Jack Latvala, R-Clearwater.

The Department of Environmental Protection effort was created with the intent of generating $50 million, but so far no money has been raised and what has become a shortened list continues to draw criticism for sites remaining under consideration.