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Updated 3/19 

Florida Gov. Rick Scott vetoed money for a Camp Blanding project Friday. 

Florida lawmakers had approved more than $1.6 million for expanding and renovating the military museum at Camp Blanding in Clay County.

Building on a recent Executive Order from Governor Rick Scott, the Florida Department of Agriculture is taking steps to protect members of the military and veterans. The state’s concealed weapons permit applications process for people in those categories will now be sped up.

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Florida Governor Rick Scott talked to guardsmen at a Jacksonville National Guard base Wednesday about how he’s working to protect them in the wake of last week’s Chattanooga shooting.

National Guard recruiting centers across the state are being temporarily relocated until they are made more secure.

Scott has moved the state’s six recruiting centers to their closest National Guard Armory. He says he’s working with Adjutant General of Florida Michael Calhoun to make the centers safer.

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Florida Gov. Rick Scott was in Jacksonville Monday to send off a Florida Air National Guard Wing on a deployment to Europe.

Two hundred airmen from the 125th Fighter Wing will spend the next six months training in Operation Atlantic Resolve alongside NATO allies.

The Florida National Guard has been deployed 100 times since Sept. 11, 2001. Scott said that’s because they are well-trained and ready to defend freedom.

"This is becoming normal for our National Guard," Scott said. "We are perceived to be the best National Guard in the United States."

The Florida branch of the National Rifle Association has made news for brusque interactions with state officials in lobbying efforts to pass a bill that would allow people to carry concealed weapons during a state of emergency regardless of whether they have a permit.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) — Despite ever-present threats from hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters, Florida ranks last in the ratio of Army National Guard troops to civilian residents.

U.S. Air Force

Despite public support, the latest and greatest fighter jets in the nation's air arsenal will not be stationed in Jacksonville.

London, Forrest High School, and the Florida National Guard are in the headlines today.

As Tropical Storm Karen strengthens on it's way towards the U.S. Gulf Coast, where it's expected to make landfall sometime this weekend, the Florida National Guard is recalling some personnel who were furloughed due to the federal government shutdown to plan for potential storm impacts.

Lt. Col. James Evans, director of public affairs for the Florida National Guard, said that of the state's approximately 2,000 full-time guardsmen about half are furloughed due to the shutdown.