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The Jaxson: 6 Food Halls Proposed For The Urban Core

Nov 4, 2020
exterior of warehouse with "Dennis and Ives" painted on it.
The Jaxson

The national food hall craze appears to be taking Jacksonville’s urban core by storm.

exterior of building
The Jaxson

Trevato Development Group plans to break ground on an adaptive reuse project in the Brooklyn neighborhood that will convert 339 Park St. and 301 Park St. into Jacksonville’s first food hall.

table spread with hot sauce
Kristen Penoyer for Gilbert's

The number of food halls in the U.S. is expected to triple within the next five years.

As The Jaxson Editor in Chief Ennis Davis said, the First Coast is just beginning to get a taste of this dining trend, with a “mini” food hall at Jacksonville Beach: Gilbert’s.