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Florida is leading the nation when it comes to gasoline price drops.

With warmer weather comes higher gas prices.

Gas prices jumped a dime a gallon last week to close out the month with the highest prices Floridians have seen in four years, according to AAA.

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Folks heading off on a road trip this Fourth of July holiday should plan on paying more to fill up their tank.


The Florida Retail Federation is forecasting a holiday sales increase of three to three-and-a-half percent in the state, despite the ongoing recovery from Hurricane Irma. 

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If you’ll be hitting the road this Thanksgiving you’ll have plenty of company, with an estimated 2.6 million Floridians expected to travel 50 miles or more.

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If you filled up the car over the weekend, you may have had a bit of sticker shock.

Florida Gas Prices Drop After Storm Spike

Oct 16, 2017
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Gasoline prices in Florida have fallen seven cents during the past week and 25 cents over the past month, after hurricanes Harvey and Irma drove up costs at the pump.

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Gasoline hit the highest price seen in 3 years last week, according to AAA, with the average price shooting up 46 cents in Florida as compared to August 22. 

Gas Prices In Jacksonville, State On the Rise

Apr 18, 2016
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Gas prices are on the rise and in Jacksonville fuel costs are hovering between $1.87 and $2.07 for a gallon of regular unleaded, and diesel fuel costs between $2.09 and $2.19.

Retail gas prices in Florida rose about 2 cents last week, while Georgia motorists saw a leap of 9 cents at the pump.

People who take road trips during the holidays are finding it's less expensive to fill up the gas tank than it's been in a long time. Gas for less than $2 per gallon can be found at nearly three-quarters of the nation’s filling stations, according to AAA.

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It’s costing folks a little more to fill their gas tanks this week than last.

According to AAA Auto Club South, the average price of regular unleaded rose 5 cents to $2.14 a gallon in Florida; the price in Georgia jumped 8 cents to $2.13 a gallon.

Analysts attribute the increase to fluctuations in crude oil prices which rose nearly $5 last week before starting to decline again.

A $1 shift in crude oil prices, they say, typically causes a 2.4 cent price shift at the gas pump.

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Low gas prices around the First Coast have drivers celebrating at the pump.

But as business analyst John Burr explains in this week’s "Business Brief," prices are actually inflated a bit in Florida.

He told WJCT News Director Jessica Palombo what’s keeping them from being even lower.

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