Next week the Jacksonville chapter of the United Nations Association and the Jacksonville University Political Science Society will hold the  "GirlUp: Empowering Women and Girls as the Third United Nations Millennium Goal" discussion about gender equality issues on the First Coast and around the world. We discuss efforts to close the gender gap with Karen Jackson, JU professor of biology, Amy Stalker, sponsor of the GirlUp Club of Fleming Island High School, and her student Rachel Thompson, president of the GirlUp Club.

Expert Says Gender Gap Exists in Medical Research

Jun 5, 2015

Research shows women should receive different care than men for some health conditions.

During an appearance on WJCT's “First Coast Connect,” Dr. Marjorie Jenkins, a national expert on the intersection of gender and medicine said, “One of the biggest myths is that we assume that our providers are giving us healthcare based on our sex and gender — whether we’re male or female, woman or man  — and that’s really not correct.”

20th Century Fox

With the new film The Maze Runner opening this weekend, First Coast Connect pop culture philosophy contributor Nicolas Michaud has thoughts on the portrayal of men and women in popular media.