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Could a First Coast-based energy firm have the answer to global climate change?

Going Green: 2040 Talks At UNF Promote Solar Energy Investing

Nov 27, 2013
U.S. Green Building Council

The North Florida chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council is hosting its 2040 Talks Thursday, Dec. 5, at the University of North Florida's University Center.

The event will explore how the First Coast can become a green, sustainable region by the year 2040.

Hazel Henderson, author and founder of Ethical Markets Media, said the transition away from last century's fossil-fuel based economy is shifting very rapidly toward solar energy.

Vehicle Expo At UNF Rolls Out Alternative Fuel Options

Oct 24, 2013
Florida Alternative Fuel Vehicle Expo

The Florida Alternative Fuel Vehicle Expo will be at the University North Florida on October 31 to showcase a line of green technologies as part of North Florida Transportation Planning Organization's involvement in the Clean Cities Coalition. Wanda Forrest, transportation planning manager for North Florida TPO, said the expo will feature vehicles that are powered with propane, electricity and natural gas rather than petroleum. "It will be a wonderful opportunity for people to come and get educated on different fuel alternatives," Forrest said. Also attending the event will be several exper

Courtesy Northeast Florida Green Chamber

Going green isn't just for environmentalists anymore.

The move toward sustainability, increasingly, has a strong business case.

That's the idea behind the Northeast Florida Green Chamber, a local chapter of the Green Chamber of the South.

"We are creating a forum for business owners who share an interest in sustainability and social responsibility," says chairperson Helen Rake.


The North Florida TPO (Transportation Planing Organization) is focused on "greening the fleet," or in other words, assisting in the transition of converting thousands of municipal vehicles around the First Coast to natural gas.