Green Technology

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We speak with Hazel Henderson, founder and president of the Ethical Markets Media, an St. Johns County based independent media company focusing on sustainability news. Henderson is also an evolutionary economist, author and consultant on sustainable development. She joins us to discuss Florida and climate change, as well as her organization's Green Transition Scoreboard, which tracks private investment in green technologies.

solar panels
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Florida is missing out on clean energy jobs. That’s the finding of a new report released Wednesday. 

As far as solar energy goes, the Sunshine State is third in the country for potential -- and 18th in actual installation.

The city of Jacksonville is hosting an environmental symposium next month focused on sustainability for the First Coast.

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Many of the ideas being exhibited an One Spark have a focus on environmental sustainability.

Neptune Beach City Buildings Go Green

Apr 10, 2013
City of Neptune Beach

Hardly anyone looks forward to opening up their electric bill at the end of the month, but city leaders in Neptune Beach were pleasantly surprised with a recent statement.

The charge was just $6.15.

Thanks to a grant from the U.S Department of Energy, the city was able to install solar panels on its government buildings, cutting down on the amount of electricity needed to power the facilities. The project was finished last November, and Neptune Beach mayor Harriet Pruitt says she's pleased that it's been successful.