Craft beer, "human blight," and Bill Murray are in the headlines today.

Operation Déjà vu, the National Transportation Safety Board, and cancer research are in the headlines today.

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A plan to save the city money while shoring up UF Health Jacksonville’s bottom line would require buy-in from city employees in order to work.

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Whether young, obese, or hungry, you can't fight the law in this week's edition of ONLY IN FLORIDA.

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One Spark is a festival for creators to get funding for their projects, but as one local business can attest, being a One Spark creator isn't all about dollars and cents.

Creator Series: Kid Keemo

Mar 5, 2014
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Many children identify with fictional characters. Some watch the same morning cartoons while they wait for the school bus.

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A new study finds that 99 percent of men treated at the University of Florida Proton Therapy Institute for prostate cancer are today living cancer free.

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There is growing local concern for a public health issue that some may not realize affects not only those suffering directly, but the entire country.

Thursday morning, hundreds of students in hundreds of sweat bands bobbed and clapped along to “Gangnam Style” as they prepared for a 200-meter warm-up in the Carter G. Woodson Elementary auditorium.

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Ernestine Marshall's every move is being watched: morning, noon and night.

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River Region Human Services has received a federal grant for a program that uses social media to reach targeted populations with messages of substance abuse and HIV prevention.

A new study based on crowdsourced data shows Florida comes up short when compared to 33 other states for duration of sexual intercourse.

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Melinda Henry started a gym in Jacksonville's Brentwood neighborhood.

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Tomorrow is National Black HIV and AIDS Awareness Day, and local advocates say there will be plenty of opportunities to get tested in Jacksonville.

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CVS, the nation’s number-two drugstore chain, says it will stop selling cigarettes and all tobacco products at its more than 7,600 retail stories by October.

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A new local study is looking at the issues women face after having a baby.

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The NFL season is over, but the concern over sports concussions is as alive as ever.

Michael Dunn, university graduation rates, and gun laws are in the headlines today.

Judging from what they say and what's in the proposed state budget, Florida's top elected officials care about children, the elderly and the seriously disabled. Also, businesses of all sizes.

Others -- including the poor, the uninsured and state workers -- get less attention. There is  no provision for low-income adults to get health insurance, even though the money is available, and most state workers won't get a raise. The good news for state employees is that there won't be big staff cuts, for a change.

Met Park, the Florida governor's race, and juvenile justice are in the headlines today.

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A virtual reality headset that had people talking at the recent International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas could be coming to your living room next year.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., obesity, and "Florida Standards" are in the headlines today.

A new state-by-state report card of emergency medical care in the U.S. ranks Florida 27th earning a C- overall.  That’s the same grade Florida received in the American College of Emergency Physicians’ last state-by-state report in 2009. 

Florida Blue may have bitten off more than it can chew with its new plans under the Affordable Care Act.

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The most common type of abnormal heart rhythm, which may make those affected five times more likely to have a stroke, may have met it’s nemesis.

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Gyms are packed this time of year with people who have resolved to get in shape in the new year. Meanwhile one local organization is starting a new push to create a healthier First Coast.

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Four years ago this month, a powerful earthquake ripped through the tiny island nation of Haiti, killing approximately 300,000 people and leaving millions injured and homeless.

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A generous donation from a Jacksonville-based non-profit will support research and services for local terminally ill children, including a new fellowship at the University of Florida.

Patients contemplating hip or knee replacement surgery on the First Coast are now able to have the procedure done and come home in the same day.

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The holiday season is supposed to be fun and joyous, yet for many it is one of the most difficult times of the year.