JAX Chamber

The JAX Chamber hosted its 5th annual Tech Coast Conference on Wednesday, featuring a new $2,500 IT scholarship which was awarded to two University of North Florida freshmen.

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The Gainesville-based music streaming service Grooveshark shut down for good last week.

Grooveshark, owned and operated by Escape Media Group, was taken offline as part of a settlement in a federal copyright lawsuit filed by nine record companies. U.S. court district judge Thomas P. Griesa ruled the company didn’t own rights to music being shared across its network.

Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce spokeswoman Alyssa Brown says keeping talented employees in the local work force is priority number one.


When you think of tech startups, you probably think of Silicon Valley - or cities like New York, Boston, or Austin, Texas - but there’s a new push to bring high tech businesses here to Jacksonville.

The University of North Florida recently created a new Innovation Program. Its goal?

"To bring high-tech jobs to Jacksonville," says director Jerry Merckel.