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hand grabbing an lgbtq+ flag, there are others in the background doing the same.
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Jacksonville’s refined Human Rights Ordinance made it through two more City Council committees Tuesday, meaning it will be voted on by the full council in a week.

The Main Street Bridge in Downtown Jacksonville
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The national Human Rights Campaign (HRC) is highlighting local LGBT civil rights efforts with its annual municipal equality index.

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The Jacksonville organization that protects people from discrimination is struggling under an overwhelming caseload.

The Jacksonville Human Rights Commission lost three workers last year due to city budget cuts, and funding isn’t increasing this year.

City of Atlantic Beach

Atlantic Beach City Commissioner Maria Mark is running for re-election this month after occupying the position for the past four years.

Mark is best known for leading the effort to pass the first and only inclusive human rights ordinance or HRO in Northeast Florida. The ordinance bans acts of discrimination against LGBT residents and visitors in Atlantic Beach.

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This week the city of Atlantic Beach moved ahead with a potential update of its Human Rights Ordinance.

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With Jacksonville's 2015 mayoral race underway, it's clear that the addition of protections for certain people under the city's Human Rights Ordinance will be an election issue. Here are the specifics of the HRO expansion bill that failed in 2012.

First Coast Success: Willard Payne Jr.

Jun 30, 2014
Karen Brune Mathis

Willard Payne Jr. is a Jacksonville business and civic leader who moved to Northeast Florida in 1975.

While human rights groups and other watchdogs have put the civilian death toll in the hundreds, Pakistan's Ministry of Defense announced Wednesday that just 3 percent of the deaths from U.S. drone strikes since 2008 were noncombatants.

The ministry says 317 drone strikes have killed 2,160 Islamic militants and 67 civilians in the last five years.