When a hurricane is approaching, everyone needs to have a plan in place. When you have medical needs, that preparation becomes even more critical.

Dr. Theo Sai is the chief medical officer for senior products for Humana in Central Florida.  He's also lived through several hurricanes.  

“I remember the worst one for me was in the Bahamas, where I was on the first floor and it was a pretty bad hurricane, and Nassau typically floods a lot,” Said said.

When he offers advice on preparing for hurricanes, it comes from his own experience.

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Alex Pellom / Duval County Emergency Management

With hurricane season here, state emergency officials are urging anyone with mobility or health problems to register with local officials for extra help during an emergency evacuation.

Florida Retail Federation

There are only three days left for Florida residents to stock up on emergency items like batteries and generators and not have to pay sales tax on them.

The 2014 Atlantic hurricane season is now officially upon us. And it comes in the midst of a historic lull.

Time explains that it's been 3,142 days since a Category 3 hurricane or stronger made landfall in the United States. The last one was Hurricane Wilma, which at its peak had winds of 185 mph and made landfall in Florida in 2005.

"That's an unprecedented streak, going back to 1900—the longest drought before the current one was nearly 1,000 days shorter," Time goes on.

NASA / Wikimedia Commons

A new survey by the Automobile Club of America finds that Category 3 hurricanes seem to be the evacuation threshold for the majority of Floridians.

Carter Roush / WJCT

Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown has officially released the city's first updated evacuation map since 2005.

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After Hurricane Sandy, the south shore of Staten Island looked like it had been hit by a tsunami. The storm surge devastated whole neighborhoods suddenly, in a matter of hours. In the year since the storm, some families have been rebuilding their homes and their lives. Others are ready to sell their flood-damaged properties and move on.

Joe Salluzzo lives in a neighborhood called New Dorp Beach, a few blocks from the ocean. He rode out the storm on the second story of his brick bungalow, which he's been repairing himself ever since.


Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown has appointed a veteran of  Federal Emergency Management Agency to lead Duval County's Emergency Management Division.

Steven Woodard also spent 20 years in the U.S. Secret Service.

Woodard says Jacksonville's emergency responders have an excellent reputation. He served in leadership roles for more than 60 events including Super Bowl XXXVI, the United Nations General Assembly and the first inauguration of President George W. Bush.

As Tropical Storm Karen strengthens on it's way towards the U.S. Gulf Coast, where it's expected to make landfall sometime this weekend, the Florida National Guard is recalling some personnel who were furloughed due to the federal government shutdown to plan for potential storm impacts.

Lt. Col. James Evans, director of public affairs for the Florida National Guard, said that of the state's approximately 2,000 full-time guardsmen about half are furloughed due to the shutdown.

The season’s tenth named storm of the season, Tropical Storm Jerry, formed in the central Atlantic Monday morning. However, a weaker disturbance over the Caribbean is more worth Floridian’s attention. Keeping with trend for much of the 2013 Hurricane Season, though, development of this feature would likely be slow to occur or might not even happen at all. Nonetheless, the system’s close proximity to land and possible movement into the Gulf of Mexico increases the chances that it could impact portions of the United States or Florida over the weekend or early next week.