Internet Security

Berishafjolla / WIkimedia Commons

An astounding and scary cyber-security breach is rocking the Internet.

The Florida Attorney General’s Office says it’s part of a group of attorney’s general looking into how more than 140 million user records were compromised.

The data breach of eBay is one of the largest in history and Florida is one of three states investigating how hackers tapped into some 145 million  user records, including email addresses, birthdays and physical addresses. That’s more than enough information to wage large scale identity thefts.

You may have heard in the news recently about a dangerous internet bug known as "Heartbleed" which could be putting your personal information at risk. Don't worry, Deemable Tech has everything you need to know to protect yourself.

Gary writes, "I’ve heard that you’re supposed to have a good password to keep hackers from breaking into your account, but how do I know what a secure password is? I know I shouldn’t use something dumb like 123abc but I don’t think I can remember a bunch of random letters and numbers. What would you recommend?"

First of all, there are different guidelines for home users and work users. Here are some password security basics for home users: