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Tuesday on First Coast Connect we spoke with online travel magazine Thrillist’s Miami editor Matt Meltzer who published a glowing review of Jacksonville last week, calling it a hidden gem and the most misunderstood city in America (01:11).

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Tuesday on First Coast Connect we spoke with former CSX CEO Michael Ward who is co-chair of a Jacksonville Civic Council committee looking into the possible sale of JEA (01:06).

Renay Daigle from Daigle Creative and Delores Barr Weaver told us about the Connectable Campaign (32:03).

John November, Executive Director and General Counsel for The Public Trust Environmental Legal Institute of Florida, talked about Tuesday’s Jacksonville Tree Symposium (46:00).

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As the work week comes to an end, let WJCT's interns Kayla Davis, Blake Allen and Andre Roman be your guides for art, culture and fun on the First Coast.

John Burr

The year-old Edible Northeast Florida magazine is launching a series of events called Sunday Suppers.

In this week’s “Business Brief,” analyst John Burr tells WJCT News Director Jessica Palombo, the suppers are part of a growing trend among print media companies to try to engage readers beyond the page or computer screen.

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We speak with Ben Davis, owner of Intuition Ale Works, about several legal disputes between craft breweries, large beer distributors and the state of Florida that are currently coming to a head. Points of contention include small brewers not being allowed to sell their product in 64-ounce containers known as "growlers," and challenges to their ability to serve their beer in tasting rooms

Intuition Ale Works

With news that a national craft brewing organization chose Jacksonville for it's next annual convention, we've compiled this list of five little known facts about the region's burgeoning craft beer scene.

A new event begins Thursday night that brings together food trucks, farmers and artists in an attempt to bring people to downtown Jacksonville in the evenings.

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Jacksonville brewers are weighing in on a slate of bills being considered by state lawmakers, including a proposal that would require them buy their own beer back from distributors before offering it to customers.

The Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Medicaid expansion are in the headlines today.

Creator Series: One Spark How-To Guide

Apr 17, 2013
Rebecca Farmer

Elton Rivas is the co-creator of the One Spark Festival. Last week I sat down with him and learned “how to One Spark.” Rivas told me he was excited about how this will transform Jacksonville.

“I think honestly we are most excited about the things we don’t know [are] going to happen," says Rivas. "We have heard some rumblings of some really cool stuff to put on during One Spark. We are just really excited to see this come to life and see what our community can be.”