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A Jacksonville doctor is proposing a pilot program to intervene when people come to the emergency room with heroin and Fentanyl overdoses.  

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The Jacksonville City Council approved a bill Tuesday that encourages city contractors to consider hiring felons.

The bill, 2017-35, sponsored by councilman Garrett Dennis requires businesses contracting with the city for at least $200,000 complete an extra step toward considering  ex-offenders to fill job openings.

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Jacksonville City Councilman Garrett Dennis is rethinking his bill aimed at getting ex-offenders jobs, which has received pushback from contractors over some of the bill’s original requirements.

Dennis rolled out some possible amendments Tuesday morning at a special meeting about the bill.

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Jacksonville City Councilman Garrett Dennis is dialing back his bill aimed at getting more city contractors to hire ex-offenders.

He’s said he’s received pushback from construction contractors.

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Smaller restaurants in historic Jacksonville neighborhoods could soon serve liquor under a bill heading to the Florida Legislature.

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The Jacksonville City Council this week approved a bill making it easier for police to ban people from city parks when they break rules. Drinking in the park could get the offender banned for a year, for example.

A separate bill approved Tuesday also extends Hemming Park’s boundaries. Now, if someone is banned from Hemming, they can’t hang out on the surrounding sidewalks or under the Skyway platform.  

Jacksonville Passes LGBT-Inclusive HRO, 12-6

Feb 13, 2017
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The Jacksonville City Council  approved updating the city's human rights ordinances to include LGBT protections.

The bill passed by a 12-6 vote.  Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry took no action, resulting in the bill becoming law. 

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The Jacksonville City Council is expected to approve new park regulations and strengthen enforcement of them at Tuesday’s City Council meeting.

Jacksonville police have been banning people from parks only for crimes listed in the city’s code, like sexual battery and prostitution. But officers have said that limits their ability to enforce park rules because other crimes aren't listed.

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Jacksonville City Councilman Bill Gulliford said he’s planning to introduce an option for the public to vote on whether the city's’ human rights ordinances should protect LGBT people.


Gulliford announced his plans at a special City Hall meeting Thursday, where he invited speakers to discuss issues with a human-rights bill already moving through the council.

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A coalition of Jacksonville business owners gathered Tuesday outside of City Hall to express opposition to the proposed LGBT-inclusive Human Right Ordinance.

Small business owner and former Jacksonville City Council President Ginger Soud held a press conference announcing the formation of the small business coalition opposing the HRO and expressed her disapproval for the HRO.

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After more than seven hours of public comment over two days, a public hearing for a city council bill that would add LGBT protections to the city’s human rights ordinance concluded Wednesday afternoon.

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Jacksonville City Council members want to crack down on crime at rental properties by holding landlords more accountable — and the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is collaborating with them on a bill.

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The Jacksonville City Council will hold a public hearing Tuesday on a bill that would expand protections for LGBT people.

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A  Jacksonville city councilman wants city contractors to try harder to hire ex-criminal offenders.

Councilman Garrett Dennis’s bill would impose more rules on the companies.  

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The front windows of Jacksonville’s City Hall are now displaying photos and stories about different parts of the city’s history.

One of those displays celebrates the historically African-American Durkeeville neighborhood and its connection to America’s pastime.

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Supporters are hoping the third time will be the charm in passing a bill to expand Jacksonville’s Human Rights Ordinance to cover the LGBT community.

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A Jacksonville City Council bill is asking for more environmental conservation money for North Florida. The language in the measure is based on a resolution a new group is pushing Florida city governments to adopt, and some Florida city officials are questioning the group’s motives.

Jacksonville's Northbank
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Jacksonville City Councilman Matt Schellenberg wants to urge the state to dedicate more conservation dollars to Northeast and Central Florida.

His resolution says too much money is going to projects down south.

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Jacksonville City Council members met Wednesday to discuss ways to cut down on rule-breaking in the park outside of Jacksonville’s City Hall.

The council is proposing to extend the boundary of Hemming Park’s rules to the surrounding streets. The council is especially concerned with disturbing the peace, patrons not wearing appropriate clothing, panhandling and sleeping in the park.

Under the new plan, rules violators would have to move to sidewalks across from the park or risk a trespassing violation.

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The city’s Jax Journey anti-crime initiative is getting a nearly $1 million federal grant.

Jacksonville is one of six cities awarded the grant from the Justice Department. Jax Journey Project Director Debbie Verges said the majority of the two-year grant is to be used for “planning.”

City of Jacksonville

Jacksonville social media has been on fire this week with outcry over a Jacksonville City Council proposal dealing with Riverside’s historic overlay — that’s a map showing where types of buildings and activities are allowed to happen.

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The Jacksonville City Council approved a budget of more than a billion dollars Tuesday evening.

The spending plan focuses on public safety and paying off pension debt.

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Jacksonville City Councilman Reggie Brown says he wants the city to consider full-time staffing at more parks to increase safety and  help parents feel more comfortable sending their kids to them.

“Not all parks, but some of our high-use parks have a full-time staff there. That’s something that I’d definitely like to explore,” said Brown, who wants to expand that to other parks.

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Jacksonville skateboarders are hoping to turn city-owned land into what they’re calling ‘DIY skate spots.’

Councilman Bill Gulliford, eight skateboarders and a real estate agent were sitting around a long conference table Monday morning at City Hall. The skaters met with Gulliford to talk about skate locations.

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The Jacksonville City Council Finance Committee moved forward with funding Thursday for a non-violence initiative called the Jax Journey.

If the full Council approves it, Journey funding will stay nearly the same as last year, at about $5 million dollars.

Jacksonville Hemming Funding, Septic Plan Approved

Aug 23, 2016
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Update 08/24/2016

The Jacksonville City Council approved a host of bills Tuesday.

Hemming Park funding passed 16-3. The septic tank plan passed 19-0. The tree planting bill passed 19-0. And both bills funding Lonnie Miller Regional Park development passed unanimously.

Jacksonville Septic Tank Phase Out, Next Stop City Council

Aug 18, 2016
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Jacksonville City Council will soon vote on a plan to fund the phasing out of septic tanks. 

The city and JEA would equally contribute a combined $30 million to get septic tank owners hooked up to city sewer lines.

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The Jacksonville City Council Finance Committee approved just under $58,000 Wednesday to fund Hemming Park through the rest of the fiscal year.

The park’s leadership, Friends of Hemming Park, has been under scrutiny for how it spent a million city dollars over the last year.

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The Jacksonville City Council Neighborhoods Committee has approved $250,000 to fund the planting of a tree at nearly every Duval school.

Jacksonville has roughly $9 million in two tree protection funds.