Jacksonville Landing

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In March, the Maverick’s music venue in the Jacksonville Landing underwent some major renovations.

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After 28 years in operation, the Jacksonville Maritime Heritage Center says it will decommission its museum inside the Jacksonville Landing by the end of the year.

Museum board members are scrambling to ship artifacts to their original owners and other area exhibits.

We discuss the week's news stories with our roundtable of local journalists: Nate Monroe, Florida Times-Union reporter; Matt Shaw, Folio Weekly editor; and Tim Gibbons, Jacksonville Business Journal editor.

Topics include the search for missing toddler Lonzie Barton, Hemming Park funding issues, anti-abortion protests in Jacksonville, and more.

We also speak with Early Learning Coalition Executive Director Susan Main and Director of Communications Chad Sykes-Burns about their latest endeavors.

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Jacksonville’s Downtown Investment Authority is holding another open forum Wednesday night on the redesign of the Landing.

The forum, or charrette as it’s called, will be the second time the Downtown Investment Authority will ask the public to weigh in on what should be done to redevelop the Landing.

The site may be altered or even torn down and rebuilt from scratch.

The Downtown Investment Authority, or DIA, will hold the second in a series of public workshops on the future of the Jacksonville Landing Wednesday night. We speak with Aundra Wallace, CEO of the Downtown Investment Authority, about how the public can voice their opinion on new design concepts for the iconic downtown site.

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Jacksonville residents will have the opportunity to make their recommendations to the city Tuesday night concerning the redevelopment of a downtown icon.

The city’s Downtown Investment Authority is asking for ideas on the redesign of the Jacksonville Landing during a public forum.

The Downtown Investment Authority hired a team of urban design experts to share plans for the Landing’s redesign.

The Downtown Investment Authority is asking for community input at a public meeting this week on what should be done to redevelop the Jacksonville Landing in downtown. We discuss what could be in store for the Landing, and issues facing downtown in general, with Tim Gibbons, Jacksonville Business Journal editor, and Doris Goldstein, Downtown Investment Authority board member.

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What does the worst urban fire in the history of the southeastern U.S. have in common with The Jacksonville Landing? In a word: opportunity. WJCT's occasional commentator Jay Solomon explains in this edition of "With All Due Respect."

Within two weeks of the great fire that gutted 146 blocks of Downtown Jacksonville in 1901, reconstruction was underway. Architects, drawn by the blank canvas the smoldering ashes represented, came to town and created the future.

As the United States reopens diplomatic talks with Cuba, Melissa Ross speaks with Tracey Eaton, journalism professor at Flagler College and former Havana bureau chief for the Dallas Morning News, about what possible changes could be coming for Cuban citizens.

We also speak with Raul Espinosa, founder of the Fairness in Procurement Alliance and partner of the Umbrella Initiative at UNF, about a local think tank working to give small and disadvantaged business owners a level playing field when it comes to federal contracts.

The results of the August primary election and its historically low voter turnout are making news this week.

Sleiman Enterprises

The downtown riverfront may soon be seeing a big change.

A new proposal from Jacksonville Landing owner Toney Sleiman would tear down the landmark building, and put two mixed-use structures in its place featuring apartments, restaurants, shopping and possibly a hotel.

Comedy, storefront art, and one big country music concert are what's happening this weekend on the First Coast.

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One Spark is a festival for creators to get funding for their projects, but as one local business can attest, being a One Spark creator isn't all about dollars and cents.

One of barhopping events and men's lifestyle website Thrillist's Miami-based writers posted this list of attractions they say make Jacksonville worth visiting.

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Full redevelopment could be in store for one of Jacksonville’s best known waterfront venues, and the Bold City isn’t the only metro hoping to capitalize on a waterfront business revival.

City of Jacksonville

Jacksonville Landing owner Toney Sleiman and Mayor Alvin Brown both want to build an entirely new plaza at the waterfront location.

The Central Florida Water Initiative, Toney Sleiman, and a freeze watch are in the headlines today.

The Jacksonville Landing, Governor Rick Scott, and Rep. Alan Grayson are in the headlines today.

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A public workshop is set for tonight looking at the future of The Jacksonville Landing.

Bail set for JIA bomb hoax suspect, the Klan writes to city school board members, and a possible rash of attempted child abductions are in the headlines this morning.

Creator Series: One Spark How-To Guide

Apr 17, 2013
Rebecca Farmer

Elton Rivas is the co-creator of the One Spark Festival. Last week I sat down with him and learned “how to One Spark.” Rivas told me he was excited about how this will transform Jacksonville.

“I think honestly we are most excited about the things we don’t know [are] going to happen," says Rivas. "We have heard some rumblings of some really cool stuff to put on during One Spark. We are just really excited to see this come to life and see what our community can be.”