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Jacksonville crowdfunding event One Spark has been shortened from a week-long event to two days. On Monday, officials announced that this year’s One Spark event will be April 6 and 7. This announcement comes after months of speculation about the fate of One Spark, after numerous changes within the organization.

Art Walk
Downtown Vision

Jacksonville businesses and city streets open up to artists and musicians the first Wednesday of every month for Art Walk.

And the people behind Jacksonville’s downtown Art Walk want to know what visitors think about the monthly event. That’s why there’s an online survey.


One of the premier facilities in America treating veterans and NFL players for traumatic brain injury and PTSD has chosen Jacksonville as its location for expansion into the Southeast.

couple holding hands
Vincent Diamante via Flickr

Singles in Jacksonville may have a harder time finding love than their counterparts in most other cities. The River City ranks No. 123 out of 150 metropolises in WalletHub's list of 2015's best and worst places for dating

Wood and Fire
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An 11-year-old Jacksonville boy’s arson conviction has been overturned. A state appeals court dismissed the incident as a child’s “poor judgment,” rather than a crime.

About a year ago, the unidentified 11-year-old was playing with a blowtorch in his backyard, and things got out of hand. When he used aerosol lubricant to light a fan on fire, flames spread and swallowed a nearby shed.