City Council Committee Urges Subpoenas In JEA Probe With Link To Former Curry Consultant

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Jacksonville Daily Record

The City Council committee investigating JEA’s 2019 attempt to privatize voted Sept. 28 to seek subpoenas for companies linked to Mayor Lenny Curry’s former political consultant Tim Baker.

JEA Presentation Indicates Steady Electric Rates For 4 Years, Possible Increase In 2025

Sep 22, 2020
JEA's Downtown Jacksonville headquarters
Bill Bortzfield / WJCT News

Even with the Plant Vogtle nuclear plant casting a shadow on JEA's financial outlook, the utility can hold the line on electric rates for the next four years but would need a slight increase in 2025, according to a presentation given Tuesday to the utility's board.

JEA workers digging into the ground outside a home, replacing pipes
Peter Haden / WJCT News

Amidst a city phase-out, Jacksonville residents still have approximately 65,000 septic tanks and 35,000 private wells on their properties.

While around 42,000 of the septic tank systems are working well, Hai Vu, the interim GM of JEA’s water and wastewater systems, told a City Council committee Monday that the other third of the septic tanks need to be replaced to prevent leakage and groundwater contamination. 

JEA has pinpointed 35 areas of the city where septic systems should be replaced, according to Vu. 

“These are the top priority areas,” Vu said. 

screenshot of the video shows hands on a laptop keyboard

JEA continues to warn customers about con artists who are calling with fake immediate-disconnection threats to try to trick them into giving out their personal information.

Jacksonville City Council's Probe Of JEA Sales Attempt Faces Executive Privilege Claims

Aug 21, 2020
JEA's downtown headquarters building is pictured behind Jacksonville's City Hall.

The city of Jacksonville's chief administrative officer recently invoked a claim of executive privilege when a City Council investigative committee's attorney asked him to recount conversations with Mayor Lenny Curry, bringing to City Hall a claim more often found in conflicts between the White House and Congress.

Judge Rules NextEra Energy Bid Amount For JEA Is Public Record

Aug 11, 2020
Will Dickey / The Florida Times-Union

The dollar amount of NextEra Energy's bid to buy JEA last year is public record and must be released, a judge ruled Monday.

WJCT News partner The Florida Times-Union reports the case has statewide ramifications over whether companies can prevent disclosure of their bid amounts under the state's Government in the Sunshine law.


JEA has ended its attempt to get out of a deal it made to buy electricity from a Georgia nuclear power plant that has seen billions of dollars in cost overruns.

Outside of JEA building. Part of the sky is shielded by the building.
Bill Bortzfield / WJCT News

JEA is still on the hook for millions of dollars to 23 different vendors that provided services during the now-infamous inquiry into its failed privatization attempt. 

Electric power transmission lines
Penn State

A nonprofit advocacy organization is calling on state utility regulators to solicit public input before rewriting Florida’s energy efficiency rules.

JEA Fires 9 Former Leadership Team Members Without Cause

Jul 14, 2020

Nine former members of JEA’s senior leadership team who served under former CEO Aaron Zahn have been fired without cause.

Gerry Broome / Associated Press file photo

JEA says disconnections will start Friday, July 10, for potentially thousands of customers who have fallen significantly behind in their payments and have not contacted the utility to work out a payment plan.

JEA's Downtown headquarters building is pictured behind Jacksonville's City Hall.

People facing eviction can’t be tossed out of their homes until August 1 thanks to a statewide moratorium on evictions. But JEA customers who are behind on their bills could see their electricity and water turned-off starting Thursday, July 9.

Developer Pays $2.6M For JEA HQ Site; Groundbreaking Set For September

Jul 1, 2020
Rendering of JEA's new headquarters.
Via Jacksonville Daily Record

A Minneapolis-based developer closed on 1.5 acres to build JEA’s next corporate headquarters in Downtown Jacksonville.

The coal-fired Plant Scherer, one of the nation's top carbon dioxide emitters, stands in the distance in Juliette, GA.
Branden Camp / Associated Press

The JEA Board of Directors unanimously approved a transaction on Friday that will lead to the closure of one unit at the coal-fired Scherer power plant in Georgia, which is one of the single largest point sources of carbon emissions in the country. 

JEA Loses Plant Vogtle Nucelar Power Plant Lawsuit

Jun 19, 2020

JEA’s long-shot quest to cancel a costly agreement for buying power from the Plant Vogtle nuclear plant fizzled out Wednesday when a judge ruled against JEA and said the contract is valid.

Outside of JEA building. Part of the sky is shielded by the building.
Bill Bortzfield / WJCT News

The Jacksonville City Council is filing legislation to help JEA customers who are at risk of utility disconnections.

DDR Board Signs Off On Smaller Downtown Jacksonville JEA Headquarters

Jun 15, 2020
This drawing shows the west elevation of the smaller JEA headquarters design.
Via Jacksonville Daily Record

In a special meeting May 21, the JEA board unanimously approved plans for a six-story headquarters with 153,000 rentable square feet, and amended a lease agreement with Ryan to reduce the utility’s gross rent cost by $27 million over 15 years and lower construction costs by $10 million to $14 million.

JEA's downtown headquarters building is pictured behind Jacksonville's City Hall.

After an announcement that JEA would resume utility shutoffs in a month, Jacksonville City Council Member Garrett Dennis led a meeting Tuesday to discuss options for customers at risk of disconnection.

JEA's Downtown Jacksonville headquarters building is pictured.

Eight members of JEA’s senior leadership team are being fired. The question now is whether they’ll be eligible for the severance packages included in their contracts.

JEA Sues Zahn, Says Ousted CEO Has No Grounds To Receive Nearly $1M

Jun 5, 2020

JEA filed a lawsuit Friday against ousted CEO Aaron Zahn, contending Zahn has no grounds to ask an arbitrator to award him nearly $1 million from his tenure.

Mayor Curry alongside a sign language interpreter, speaking into a mic on a glass podium, trees and glass in the background.
Sky Lebron / WJCT News

In his first in-person news conference in two months, Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry announced the dates for the reopening of Duval County libraries and city buildings. 

Documents Show Curry’s Former Chief Administrator, Political Strategist Worked For JEA Bidder

May 16, 2020
Sam Mousa, Tim Baker, Mayor Lenny Curry, City Council President Lenny Curry, former JEA CEO Aaron Zahn, Chief Administrative Officer Brian Hughes all sitting next to each other at a baseball game, showed on the fan cam.
Fan cam of Cardinals vs Braves playoff games on Oct. 4, 2019/ Via the Florida Times-Union

NextEra Energy, the parent company of Florida Power and Light, hired Sam Mousa and Tim Baker, two local lobbyists with close ties to Mayor Lenny Curry, in connection to their attempt to purchase JEA, according to a response to a subpoena it received last month from a Jacksonville City Council investigative committee.

Councilman Ron Salem sitting, looking out past a bench he is sitting at, there is a small mic in front of him. Painting in the background, and someone sitting to his right.
Via Ron Salem City Council Facebook Page

Jacksonville City Councilman Ron Salem on Monday outlined his proposed legislation that would put more power in the council’s hands when it comes to short-term incentive plans for the utilities’ employees, if voters approve a change to the city charter. 

Document Shows Top JEA Execs Had Most To Gain From Incentive Plan

May 7, 2020
Bob Self / The Florida Times-Union

A document obtained by the special City Council committee investigating JEA shows top utility executives could have gained the most from a controversial incentive plan that would have triggered multi-million dollar payments if JEA had been sold.

Jacksonville Deputy Chief Administrative Officer Stephanie Burch

Jacksonville’s Deputy Chief Administrative Officer, Stephanie Burch, will give a sworn statement to the special City Council committee investigating the failed attempt to sell JEA.

Stephanie Burch speaking into the camera, in a blank room
Via City of Jacksonville Zoom Press Conference

The City Council’s Special Investigatory Committee into JEA on Tuesday voted to issue a letter to both Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry and Chief Administrative Officer Brian Hughes urging them to require Deputy Chief Administrative Officer Stephanie Burch to provide sworn testimony on the attempted sale of JEA. 

Outside of JEA at City Hall. American Flag waving to the right of the building
Bill Bortzfield / WJCT News

JEA Chief Customer Officer Kerri Stewart said at a board meeting Tuesday that 24,000 customers are behind in their utility payments.

Melissa Dykes speaking at a desk, next to a small coffee mug
Via Jacksonville Daily Record

JEA’s new board of directors removed interim CEO Melissa Dykes at its first meeting Tuesday, giving her a 30-day termination notice.


Buoyed by low natural-gas costs, 21 public utilities throughout the state plan to trim customers’ electric bills during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Florida Municipal Power Agency said Thursday.

JEA's Downtown Jacksonville headquarters building is pictured.

The botched attempt to privatize JEA is under a federal prosecutor’s magnifying glass.