Mayor Lenny Curry during a protest, speaking to another person who has on a mask, they're both in a large crowd.
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Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry said he believes his countywide mandate is not government overreach or illegal. 

Mayor Lenny Curry adjusting his mask, someone to his left staring at him, signs in the background, courthouse also in the background.
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Starting Monday, June 29 at 5 p.m., a mask mandate in Duval County goes into effect. At all indoor and public locations where social distancing isn’t possible, a mask will be required. 

Keith Powers speaking at a podium with a firetruck and firefighters behind him. Mayor Lenny Curry to his left, speaking in a fire station
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The Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department is receiving a $14.4 million federal grant to bolster its workforce. 

Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department firefighters hosing a fire.

The City Council is expected to take up a proposal Tuesday that would help the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department recruit more women and minority firefighters. 

Mayor Curry alongside emergency personnel in the city, speaking in front of a table with the city's logo on it. Curtains the the U.S. flag in the background.
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Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry said Tuesday afternoon, the City Council will consider two emergency bills that allow recently retired Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department firefighters and Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office police and corrections officers to work during the COVID-19 crisis without it having an impact on their pensions.

Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry speaking at the Lot J COVID-19 testing site alongside Gov. Ron DeSantis, Florida DEM Director Jared Moskowitz, and JSO Sheriff Mike Williams, testing sites in the backgroung, grey, cloudy skies
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Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry extended his local emergency declaration for another 30 days, until at least May 13. 

Fire truck moving through the street, smoke in the air
Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department

Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry announced a first responder with Jacksonville Fire and Rescue has tested positive for COVID-19.

Mayor Lenny Curry speaking with arms on a table, only person in the picture
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Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry said Friday he is not yet willing to order a shelter-in-place mandate for the city, as other states across the nation have done to prevent the spread of coronavirus. 

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Fire stations all around Florida are getting kits to help firefighters lessen their exposure to cancer-causing toxins they encounter during fires.

Lindsey Kilbride

An existing Duval County burn ban has been expanded to include no bonfires or campfires until June 1, or until conditions improve, said Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry Thursday.

He said Jacksonville is ready to help other counties affected by the fire, and Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department is planning which trucks and people could help if needed.

Thursday on First Coast Connect, 4th District medical examiner Dr. Valerie Rao and Lt. Mark Rowley, quality improvement officer with the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department, talked about how the opioid epidemic is straining their offices. We also spoke by phone with Abe Gol about an upcoming NOVA episode dealing with the discovery of tunnels in Lithuania used by Jews to escape the Nazi’s during the Holocaust, and Niki Brunson and Dana Miller, organizers of Saturday’s Melanin Market and Parade in Jacksonville.  


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Florida Governor Rick Scott was in Jacksonville Tuesday thanking first-responders for being prepared for Tropical Storm Colin, which passed through the First Coast Monday evening.

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A Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department transport unit is often the first stop for who somebody who's overdosed.  

“They are going to be extremely cyanotic due to the lack of breathing,”said Jacksonville Rescue Division Chief David Castleman in response to what he's encountered treating overdoses. "They’re going to be blue. Unresponsive completely."

As more addicts on the First Coast are turning to heroin for their highs, overdoses have skyrocketed.


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The city of Jacksonville is close to settling a 2013 discrimination lawsuit alleging the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department discriminates against African-Americans in hiring and creates a hostile work environment.

The city will settle with a $250,000 payment and change its hiring practices, as long as City Council agrees.

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office has arrested the man shot in the leg by an officer during a burglary early Wednesday morning.

Twenty-seven-year old Michael Kevin Hollis is charged with burglary, weapons possession and resisting arrest without violence after breaking into Gate Liquors off Lem Turner Road.

JSO Investigations Director Tom Hackney says responding Officer Steve Coleman shot Hollis as he was attempting to take two rifles from the business.

Before shooting, Coleman ordered Hollis to get on the ground repeatedly, Hackney says.

Damage from severe violent weather, JTA's new rapid transist system, and a new documentary focused on Florida's farmworkers are in the headlines today.

Winter storms, the Dozier School for Boys, and Tim Tebow are in the headlines today.


Employees of the Olive Garden restaurant in Jacksonville’s Arlington neighborhood still aren’t sure when they will get back to work after a fire ripped through the building Monday morning.

Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department

The Jacksonville City Council Finance Committee has placed an additional $12 million in the budget of the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department.

The money will be used to hire about 100 new firefighters. Due to budget cuts in recent years the department is at the same staff level it was at in 2003.

Chief Marty Senterfitt has asked for more, but says he can keep the stations open if he's allowed to adjust his overtime budget mid-year.

Committee members expressed anger the that fire department even had to consider closing stations.