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New, alternative-fuel buses are projected to save the Jacksonville Transportation Authority nearly $6 million over the next 15 years.

JTA is welcoming 23 new buses that run on compressed natural gas instead of diesel. New buses also means new, faster routes.

We speak with Jacksonville Transportation Authority CEO Nat Ford about the future of the Skyway, updates for the First Coast Flyer rapid bus transit system, and other transportation issues affecting the First Coast.


Jacksonville is seeking public input on what to do with its underutilized Skyway monorail system. The first public meeting of a new Skyway committee is set for next week.

Downtown Vision, Inc.

Downtown Jacksonville’s hotels are booming this week thanks to several conventions and family reunions happening in the city.

With the extra travelers, Visit Jacksonville has requested longer hours on the Skyway tram system.

Jacksonville Transportation Authority spokeswoman Leigh-Ann Rassler says the trains will run from 6 a.m. until midnight Tuesday through Friday this week.

Jacksonville Transportation Authority

Ridership on Jacksonville Transit Authority vehicles is up for the fourth month in a row. The increase comes after a major overhaul of JTA routes.

JTA reports a 10.1 percent increase in the number of riders in March, compared with March 2014. On Sundays in March, ridership was up 15 percent over last year.

It’s the fourth month in a row the transit authority has increased its ridership following a revamp of routes. The Route Optimization Initiative was aimed at improving service frequency, increasing service on nights and weekends and streamlining routes.


The Jacksonville Transportation Authority unveiled a high-tech bus-driving simulator Tuesday. It can be programmed for a number of scenarios, including the top three challenges facing bus operators in Jacksonville.

The streets of Jacksonville present some specific challenges to JTA operators, according to Training Supervisor DeWayne Sparks.

Sparks says narrow streets with cars parked on both sides, pedestrians stepping out into traffic and car doors opening are all difficult to deal with when you're driving a 40-foot bus, Sparks says.


The city of Jacksonville is about to offer more rapid bus service to Northside residents. That's because the Jacksonville Transportation Authority got a boost from the federal government this week. The First Coast Flyer is designed to get you where you're going faster.

The U.S. Department of Transportation awarded JTA almost $27 million for the First Coast Flyer, allowing construction to go forward on the North Corridor Project.

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority's new bus routes, the Duval GOP Secretary and a local protest about Eric Gardner are all in the headlines affecting Northeast Florida today.

Controversial art and tweets, JTA and a fire that destroyed a historic building are all in the headlines today.

Damage from severe violent weather, JTA's new rapid transist system, and a new documentary focused on Florida's farmworkers are in the headlines today.

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In a critical update to the area's long range transit plans, the North Florida TPO is evaluating transportation needs and challenges across Northeast Florida.

Jacksonville Transportation Authority

In the biggest overhaul since the 1980's, the Jacksonville Transportation Authority is revamping its mass transit system.

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Trash is getting smarter at bus stations around Duval County.

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority has installed new solar-powered waste and recycling stations at three area bus terminals: Rosa Parks Transit Station downtown, and the Regency and Gateway Transit Hubs.

The new trash cans are high tech. When they become full, the units compact the garbage automatically, creating more space. When they can hold no more, a signal goes out to maintenance staff so the trash can be picked up.

Jacksonville Transportation Authority

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority is undergoing an overhaul to meet the demands of 21st century commuters.

Congressional districts, Michael Dunn and English bulldogs are in the headlines today.

JTA/Polk County Sheriff's Office

HIV, party cabanas, passenger rail, and Crystal Metheney were among our top stories this week.

Jacksonville Transportation Authority

As rail transportation grows in popularity throughout Florida, what are the prospects for passenger rail on the First Coast?

City of Jacksonville

Jacksonville's One Spark festival kicks off Wednesday and city officials have outlined road closures and parking options connected to the crowd funding festival.

One of the best options is to park at the Prime Osborn Center's Houston Street lot for free and take the Skyway to Hemming Plaza. There is also free parking in Lot E at EverBank Field with a free shuttle heading to the events.

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The latest plan to save the St. Johns River Ferry involves the Jacksonville Transportation Authority taking over operations.


City lawmakers have begun to publicly debate whether the city’s six-cent gas tax should be extended for another 20 years.

Governor Rick Scott, Charlie Crist, and UF Health are in the headlines today.

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The Jacksonville City Council will soon begin debate on whether the city’s six-cent gasoline tax should be extended for another 20 years.

Jacksonville Transportation Authority

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority wants to build the first public compressed natural gas station in Northeast Florida.

Marissa Alexander, JEA, the St. Johns River Ferry, and Charlie Crist are in the headlines today.

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The Jacksonville Transportation Authority Board has rejected giving $200,000 to the St. Johns River Ferry Commission.

But the board will come back next month and likely vote again on the appropriation.

The board voted 3-2 in favor of the funding but four votes were needed to pass. Board Chair Ed Burr and trustee Greg Evans were not in attendance.

Ferry Commission Chair John Crescimbeni says a month’s delay shouldn’t be a problem.

City of Jacksonville

The City of Jacksonville, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, JEA, the Jacksonville Transportation Authority and the Jacksonville Aviation Authority are consolidating their internet service in a move they say is expected to save the city about $200,000.

Pedestrian Hit And Killed By JTA Bus

Jul 29, 2013



The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office is investigating a traffic fatality after a man was hit and killed by a city bus Saturday night.


Around 8:45 p.m. Saturday, 61-year-old Timothy Mclaughlin  was attempting to cross Beaver Street when he was struck and killed by a Jacksonville Transit Authority bus turning left from Newnan Street.

Downtown Vision, Inc.

Don’t look for the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) to start running the skyway late at night or on the weekends, despite its phenomenal popularity during the One Spark Festival

According to the JTA, the people mover averaged more than 10,000 passengers a day during the five day crowd-funding event, double the number of riders it usually gets. 

JTA Vice President of Transit Operations Lisa Darnall calls the figures encouraging.

Jacksonville Transportation Authority

  Residents from the three Southbank condominiums want to see the Jacksonville Transportation Authority change its plans for Riverplace Boulevard.

JTA has long planned to use Riverplace as part of its Bus Rapid Transit, or BRT system. The BRT uses dedicated bus lanes and technology that turns traffic lights green to quickly move passengers.