The Star of David.
Alex Proimos / Wikimedia Commons

Critics of a Florida House bill that aims to crack down on anti-Semitism say the legislation is too narrow because it fails to address other forms of xenophobia and hate crimes, and that it violates the First Amendment by criminalizing legitimate criticisms of the State of Israel.

A fully lit Hanukkah menorah.
B.R. Guest Hospitality / Flickr.com

For the first time ever a giant six-foot menorah will be lit on the University of North Florida campus to celebrate Hanukkah and to “spread light” amidst an increase in anti-semitic acts like the recent mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue.

J. Nathan Matias via Flickr

A Jewish center on Jacksonville’s Southside is getting a brand-new Torah this weekend.

The public is invited to the Chabad of Southside to help celebrate “one of the happiest occasions in Jewish life.”