Mural of Baker County's history on the wall of the courthouse, next to a large light and a sign that says "physical distancing required."
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After years of debate on a controversial mural that hangs inside the Baker County Courthouse, the county’s commissioners voted Tuesday to explore options for its relocation.

Vince Kong / WJCT

JACKSONVILLE - Months after numerous neighborhoods around Jacksonville were flooded with fliers for the Ku Klux Klan, more fliers popped up Sunday morning in San Marco and Riverside.


Fliers for the Ku Klux Klan that were thrown onto properties around Jacksonville last week are just the beginning of a major recruitment drive, according to a KKK leader.

A man who identified himself as a Grand Dragon with the KKK said membership in Jacksonville alone is about 1,500 right now, including members who are doctors, paramedics and fast-food workers.

Grand Dragon Ken, who said he oversees the Florida Realm, told News4Jax that the recruitment effort is statewide.

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Fewer than a hundred people turned out for last night’s final community forum on whether to re-name Nathan B. Forrest High School.

Duval County Public Schools / YouTube

Despite recent headlines, Duval County Public Schools officials say this week that violent incidents at school are actually on the decline.

Violent incidents on campus are down 46 percent over a six-year period, according to district statistics.