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The Duval County School District sold out of 500 used laptops in less than three hours Friday morning.

The computers went on sale at 8 a.m. Half were bought online, and half were sold at the district administration office.

Used but still working computers are being offered to parents of students at $50 apiece this year.

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Duval Superintendent Nikolai Vitti says parents will be able to purchase laptops for their children from the district for $50 beginning next school year.

The district is working out the details of the recently-approved computer plan.


Duval County Public Schools

Duval County Public Schools will have about $20 million more to spend this school year, and a few million will go toward a state-mandated extra hour of reading at more than 40 Duval schools.

Superintendent Nikolai Vitti presented a draft 2014-15 year budget and several recommendations to school board members at a workshop Tuesday.

The district used $15.8 million less from its general funds than expected last year and gained another $4.8 million in one-time adjustments from the state,  according to Vitti. 

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Aaron asks, "What is the best way to hook my laptop up to my TV?"

Thinking of cutting the cord, Aaron? With Netflix and Hulu Plus you can get most of the shows you watch on TV without cable. Or maybe you want to use your TV to show the baby videos stored on your laptop? Either way there are a few options.