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The Republican-controlled legislature has passed bills cracking down on riots, and efforts aimed at changing election policies following the outcome of the 2020 election. Democrats have blasted both moves as potentially racist and haven’t hidden their disappointment with the bills. Now comes House Bill 7051—the legislature’s response to the killings of Black Americans by police which sparked the summer protests.

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As he eyes a run for the U.S. Senate, Gov. Rick Scott on Wednesday unveiled the first piece of his pending election-year budget proposal: a $30 million pay raise for state law-enforcement officers.

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Update 7/27 at 8:29 a.m.: This story has been updated to include additional comments from Congressman Rutherford.

A rule change at the federal Justice Department could allow police officers to confiscate more people’s property if they believe it’s being used in a crime — even if they never arrest someone.

Some states have outright banned the practice known as civil-asset forfeiture, while others including Florida have established strict limits.

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A partially-deaf protester arrested at Hemming Park a couple of months ago said he’s planning to sue the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

Connell Crooms was protesting U.S. airstrikes in Syria when he was detained and injured during the arrest. Charges against him have since been dropped.

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Former Jacksonville Sheriff Nat Glover said he has no problem with Jacksonville Sheriff's Office’s plan to do away with a college-degree requirement for new officers.

But Glover doesn’t believe easing the qualifications will equal a more diverse force, as current Sheriff Mike Williams has said.

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Florida could soon be the first state to require a mental-health expert to be present during police interviews of developmentally disabled suspects or victims.

That’s if lawmakers approve a bill called the Wes Kleinert Fair Interview Act.


Jacksonville’s former FBI chief believes de-escalation training for law enforcement is important in preventing conflict between officers and community members.

Toni Chrabot, recently-retired FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge for Jacksonville, says when officers know how to de-escalate high-pressure situations, violent incidents are less likely to occur.

Chrabot has provided training services for other FBI agents and the Jacksonville Beach Police Department.

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As little as 25-minutes is all you might need to keep your child from becoming the victim of a sexual predator.

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Using the criminal justice system as a provider of mental health services is a huge concern to across the country, including in Northeast Florida.

Is a 70 year sentence without parole for a 14-year-old effectively the same as life in prison?

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A new central hub for transportation, traffic, law enforcement, and fire and rescue agencies in the four-county Jacksonville metro area will be up and running by the end of 2014.

School grades, Union Cty. Sheriff Jerry Whitehead, and Pastafarians are in the headlines today.

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There's a new agent in charge of the FBI's Jacksonville Division with experience investigating public corruption, civil rights, and violent crimes.


Esther Ohayon was killed and her daughter was injured as they crossed San Jose Boulevard last week on their way to the Etz Chaim Synagogue.

The accident isn’t the first on the busy road. In 2009 a six-year-old was struck and killed just blocks away by the same driver.