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With just a few days left until Jacksonville’s runoff election, the endorsements are flying in the city’s mayor’s race. Incumbent Mayor Alvin Brown and challenger Lenny Curry are in a fight to the finish in what’s expected to be a close election. Earlier this week, former mayor John Delaney joined us to explain why he has decided to endorse Mr. Curry. Today we welcome high-profile supporter of Alvin Brown, Jacksonville author, historian and activist Wayne Wood.

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With one week to go till Election Day, endorsements are flying in the Jacksonville mayoral race between Alvin Brown and Lenny Curry.

Former Mayor John Delaney is throwing his support behind Curry.

Delaney, now president of UNF, says he’s stepping off the sidelines in the mayor’s race to endorse Curry over incumbent mayor Alvin Brown believing City Hall needs a fresh take.

In particular he cites the city’s finances as the reason for his endorsement of his fellow Republican.

Incumbent Mayor Alvin Brown and challenger Lenny Curry are in the home stretch leading into next Tuesday’s election. Last night the two held the second of three debates. Early voting is underway, and the endorsements are flying fast and furious on both sides. We speak with former Jacksonville mayor and current University of North Florida president John Delaney about his decision to endorse Lenny Curry.

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Democratic incumbent mayor Alvin Brown and Republican mayoral challenger Lenny Curry went head to head Monday night in the second of three candidate debates, this one sponsored by First Coast News, the Florida Times-Union and WJCT.

First Coast News Anchor and debate moderator Shannon Ogden used the first question of the evening to set the tone of the hour-long event, which he promised at the outset would be a different kind of debate.

Ogden asked, "Who will you vote for for sheriff? Mr. Curry, two-word answer only."

We discuss the week's biggest news stories with our roundtable of local journalists: Topher Sanders, Florida Times-Union reporter; AG Gancarski, Folio Weekly and Florida Politics columnist; Fred Matthews, Examiner blogger; and WJCT business analyst John Burr.

Topics include former candidate Bill Bishop endorsing incumbent Mayor Alvin Brown in Jacksonville's mayoral election, a state investigation of a local dentist over allegations of child abuse, and more.


Thursday at City Hall, Republican City Councilman Bill Bishop made a surprise endorsement of incumbent Democratic Mayor Alvin Brown.

Bishop had said in a press conference shortly after the March Election he would not endorse a candidate in May’s runoff election. Today he clarified, he did not endorse a candidate until he did research to decide who he would support


A coalition of clergy groups in Jacksonville is sounding the alarm about violent crime on the city’s streets.

This as the city of Baltimore is cleaning up after riots that erupted after an African-American man died in police custody, his spine nearly severed.

Faith leaders worry the same type of unrest is just under the surface here in our area.

However Pastor Mark Griffin of the city’s A.M.E. Ministers Alliance says he disagrees with calls to institute a 9 p.m. curfew in Jacksonville’s high-crime neighborhoods.

We discuss the week's biggest news stories with our roundtable of local journalists: Larry Hannan, Florida-Times Union reporter; Fred Matthews, Examiner blogger; A.G. Gancarski, Folio Weekly and Florida Politics columnist; and Staci Spanos, WJXT anchor.

Topics include the 2015 Jacksonville mayoral race, UNF president and former mayor John Delaney endorsing candidate Lenny Curry, Mayor Alvin Brown ordering a review of the city's discrimination prevention laws, and more.

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Former Jacksonville Mayor John Delaney endorsed Republican Lenny Curry for mayor Wednesday. Delaney, a Republican, also attacked Democratic Mayor Alvin Brown saying Brown lacks leadership and called Brown’s budget proposals “as mythical as a fairytale.”

Delaney said, “We have a candidate in Lenny Curry who brings a freshness, a sunniness, business acumen, and a perspective that this city needs.”

“I have absolute confidence that we have a leader in Lenny,” he said.

UPDATED: 4:53 p.m. with comment from Alvin Brown's campaign.

An email mistakenly sent out from the campaign of Bill Bishop for Mayor caused confusion today by appearing to say Bishop is endorsing Mayor Alvin Brown for reelection.

Rob and Jill Storey, who ran Bishop’s campaign, say they meant to send out the endorsement from their advertising firm, RLS Group. But instead an email blast went out with “Bill Bishop for Mayor” in the sender line. The Storeys now work for the Alvin Brown campaign.

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He drew 17 percent of the vote in Jacksonville's First Election.

After coming in third, outgoing City Councilman Bill Bishop says he learned a lot — lessons he'll put to use in another campaign for mayor in 2019.

"There's a world of difference between running for City Council and running for mayor. And you don't really get that until you're in it," Bishop said during an appearance on 'First Coast Connect.' "We should have started much earlier in terms of building financial and infrastructure support. We won't make that mistake next time."

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We speak with Jacksonville City Councilman and former mayoral candidate Bill Bishop about his decision to endorse neither incumbent Mayor Alvin Brown nor challenger Lenny Curry in the May general election. Bishop also announced this week that he will run again for the office in 2019.

Jacksonville podiatrist Dr. Earl R. Horowitz, DPM, joins us to discuss National Foot Care Month and keys to good foot health.

We get a preview of the Amelia Community Theatre's production of "Inherit the Wind" from director Laura Swaim.

Ken Jefferson for Sheriff

Taking a veiled swipe at the current Jacksonville Sheriff's Officer leadership, Ken Jefferson says that if he's elected sheriff he won't "govern from behind the desk."

"I want to re-introduce the Police Department back to the community," said Jefferson, the Democratic candidate in the race to replace outgoing Sheriff John Rutherford.  

"What I'm finding out from my walks and talks all over the city is that people basically see 'drive-by cops.' There's no interaction."

We speak with Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown and Lenny Curry as they head to the general election in May. We also discuss the results of Tuesday's unitary election with A.G. Gancarski, Folio Weekly and Florida Politics columnist, and Dr. Michael Binder, UNF assistant professor of political science.

Dr. Robert Lee, founder and CEO of Fresh Ministries, joins us with news about their aquaponics project in this week's Going Green segment.

Jacksonville voters will choose between Democratic incumbent Mayor Alvin Brown and Republican Lenny Curry in the May runoff election. With mail-in votes remaining to be counted, Brown took 42.9 percent of the vote and Curry took 38.4 percent in Tuesday's first unitary election. 

Republican Bill Bishop and unaffiliated mayoral candidate Omega Allen were eliminated from the race, with 16.6 percent and 2.1 percent of the vote respectively.

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Facing strong challenges in the March 24 unitary election this week, incumbent Mayor Alvin Brown says he's confident— and that he's fulfilled the campaign promises from four years ago that made him a come-from-behind winner in Jacksonville's 2011 mayoral race.

"I made a promise that I would streamline government, that we would live within our means, put Jacksonville back to work, and close the education gap," said Brown, appearing on First Coast Connect.

"I think the key is keeping your promise."

Republican Party of Florida

Jacksonville mayoral candidate Lenny Curry took calls from listeners to WJCT’s "First Coast Connect" Tuesday.

Curry addressed questions about topics including education, crime and arts-and-culture funding — but one question remains unanswered.

On education, Curry says he’s in favor of stipends for teachers who lead after-school activities, and he’d like to see a boost for voluntary Pre-K programs.

Asked how he’d lower the city’s violent crime rate, Curry talked about hiring more police officers and encouraging them to get to know the communities they patrol better.

Republican Party of Florida

We speak with Jacksonville mayoral candidate, businessman and former Florida Republican Party chairman Lenny Curry.

David Ramseur and Dennis Carpenter of the Jacksonville chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution join us to discuss the new Florida historical marker in Jacksonville commemorating the 1777 Revolutionary War Battle of Thomas Creek.

We discuss the week's biggest news stories with our roundtable of local journalists: Larry Hannan, Florida Times-Union reporter; Fred Matthews, Examiner blogger; Jeff Billman, outgoing Folio Weekly editor; and Tim Gibbons, Jacksonville Business Journal editor.

We speak with Mike Binder and Matt Childrers of UNF’s Public Opinion Research Laboratory about their latest poll on Jacksonville's mayoral, sheriff and City Council elections. The results found that many voters are undecided as election day draws near.

CNN digital correspondent Kelly Wallace joins us to discuss her career. Wallace will be one of the featured speakers at this month's Generation W Conference.

We discuss the week's biggest news stories with our roundtable of local journalists: Larry Hannan, Florida Times-Union reporter; Fred Matthews, Examiner blogger; A.G. Gancarski, Folio Weekly and Florida Politics columnist; John Burr, WJCT business analyst.

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The only woman running in the Jacksonville mayor’s race is Omega Allen, who is running with no party affiliation. Allen joined Melissa Ross on today’s episode of “First Coast Connect.”

We discuss the week's biggest news stories with our roundtable of local journalists: Eric Smith, "People and Politics" host; Larry Hannan, Florida Times-Union reporter; Tim Gibbons, Jacksonville Business Journal editor; A.G. Gancarski, Folio Weekly and Florida Politics columnist.

We discuss the week's top news stories with our roundtable of local journalists: Fred Matthews, Examiner blogger; John Burr, Jacksonville Business Journal editor; A.G. Gancarski, Folio Weekly and Florida Politics columnist.

Topics include the mayoral race, an endorsement of Lenny Curry by the Chamber of Commerce-affiliated group JAXBIZ, a JEA committee approving an agreement between the utility and City Hall to help pay down Jacksonville's pension debt, and more.

  We discuss the week's biggest news stories with our roundtable of local journalists: Mark Woods, Florida Times-Union reporter; John Burr, Jacksonville Business Journal editor; Eric Smith, People and Politics host; and Jeff Billman, Folio Weekly editor.

Topics include a proposed amendment from Sen. John McCain that could have an impact on the First Coast's shipbuilding and repair industry, the Jacksonville mayoral and sheriff's races, supermarket chain Kroger potentially purchasing the Bi-Lo company.

Melissa Ross discusses the week's biggest news with our roundtable of local journalists: John Burr, Jacksonville Business Journal editor; Dan Scanlan, Florida Times-Union reporter; Fred Matthews, Eximaner blogger; A.G. Gancarski, Folio Weekly columnist. Topics include same-sex marriage in Florida, the Jacksonville mayoral race, and Governor Rick Scott's second term.


A Leon County circuit judge has ruled that the Florida Legislature illegally redrew the state's congressional districts to primarily benefit the Republican Party.

Eddie Wayne Davis, Lenny Curry and Mike Crews are in the headlines today.

Hospital uniforms, phone charging and Lenny Curry were among our top stories this week.

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Jacksonville residents sounded off on Twitter during Republican mayoral candidate and former Republican Party of Florida chairman Lenny Curry's appearance on First Coast Connect.