The group that wants you to vote "no" on legalizing medical marijuana this November has launched a web site and produced a video. Its media warns that Amendment Two is much more permissive and loophole-ridden than most people realize.

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They’re the father and son behind a Jacksonville-based company offering information for people looking to get into the pot industry — Cannabis University of Florida.

The Office of Governor Rick Scott

The Florida Legislature closed its 2014 regular session last Friday with a several bills either awaiting approval or already signed into law.

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TALLAHASSEE (The News Service of Florida) — Florida appears ready for medical marijuana.

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Florida voters will decide this November whether the state will become the 22nd in the nation to legalize marijuana for medical use, and debate on the issue will likely continue until Election Day.

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Food trucks, pension reform, and medical marijuana are in the headlines today.

In the latest poll from the University of North Florida, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist maintains a slight lead over incumbent Governor Rick Scott.

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A bill legalizing a strain of medical marijuana used to treat seizures in children is expected to make its first appearance in the Florida Senate this week.

The marijuana, called Charlotte’s Web, has a much lower amount of T-H-C than recreational pot, so it doesn’t get users high.

The measure to legalize it is headed to the Senate Health Policy Committee which is chaired by Senator Aaron Bean.

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Recreational Marijuana Bill Filed In Florida Senate

Mar 3, 2014
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In the latest twist in a debate about legalizing marijuana in Florida, Sen. Dwight Bullard, D-Miami, filed a proposal Friday that would allow the recreational use of marijuana.

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Florida may soon become the latest state to allow doctors to prescribe marijuana. Advocates there are gathering signatures to put a medical marijuana referendum on the fall ballot.

But Florida's Legislature may act sooner to allow residents access to a particular type of marijuana. Advocates say the strain called Charlotte's Web offers hope to children with severe seizure disorders.

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A petition for a ballot initiative asking Florida voters to legalize medical marijuana might be headed for a photo finish.

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The ramp from Atlantic Boulevard and Philips Highway to Interstate 95 reopened in time for morning rush hour Friday after a day of heavy traffic across Jacksonville.

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The polar vortex, Marissa Alexander, and Gov. Rick Scott are in the headlines today.

The organization trying to legalize medical marijuana in Florida is baffled and annoyed by a PolitiFact conclusion that their proposal would create one of the least regulated environments for medical marijuana in the country.

Ryan Begin hasn't always been the life-loving pot smoker he is today. Back in 2005, the sergeant nearly lost half his arm to an IED while serving in Iraq and was sent home for reconstructive surgery. Upon his return to Belfast, Maine, Begin was plagued by physical pain and outbursts of aggression. He was prescribed a cocktail of drugs as his treatment.

"They took the soul out of me. All that stuff, it drained my soul, it blackened my soul," Begin says.

Begin's mother, Anna, noticed the prescription drugs seemed to exacerbate his post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms.

Despite state laws prohibiting it's ingredients, synthetic cannabis or "spice" is still being produced in Florida. (DISCLAIMER: The article linked to below contains explicit language)

A new Quinnipiac poll looking at Florida's gubernatorial race and the hot issue of medical marijuana shows some interesting results.

A Financial Impact Estimating Conference report concluded Monday that the cost of medical marijuana in Florida could not be determined due to uncertainty regarding taxation of the plant.

Although the Department of Health estimates the annual cost for Florida would be roughly $1 million, the FIEC report would be more-accurate if marijuana sales taxes were clear.

Later this year, on December 5, the Florida Supreme Court will hear arguments on whether a proposed constitutional amendment to legalize medical marijuana should go before state voters.

Supporters of the push to legalize are working to get enough signatures to put the issue on the 2014 ballot.

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi is challenging the proposed amendment, calling it misleading and arguing it would allow for use of the drug in limitless situations.

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