Medical Tourism

Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic has begun building what it’s calling a destination medical facility in Jacksonville.

The new treatment center is being partially funded with a $20 million grant from a South Florida foundation.

Liz West / Flickr Creative Commons

Close to 100 million people visited Florida last year, and state officials are hoping to keep that number growing.

A way to do that, according to one Northeast Florida lawmaker, is to entice patients from around the country to seek treatment in the state.

Proponents of so-called “medical tourism” may now have the data they need to convince skeptics.

Florida Senate

A Fernandina Beach lawmaker is pushing for even more state funding to promote medical tourism. Sen. Aaron Bean (R-Fernandina Beach) wants the Sunshine State to better compete with other doctor-heavy destinations.

Dr. Arun Gulani

First Coast tourism marketers are getting an injection of state money to help promote Jacksonville’s medical services. Area medical providers are helping match a pair of state grants totaling more than $100,000.

In December, a woman who lives in Switzerland was sitting in her Jacksonville doctor’s office after an eye surgery. In a video taken by the doctor, Vanessa Williams tells him she’s finally able to see herself in the mirror.