Some recent state and federal legislation is meant to better the lives of people with disabilities. But at least one disability advocate here in Jacksonville says there are some unintended negatives.

Florida Senate President Andy Gardiner has made it a personal crusade to pass legislation benefiting people with intellectual disabilities.

We discuss disability issues with longtime advocate Nancy Keating, CEO of Clay County-based Challenge Enterprises.

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Before you head to the beach, remember to slather on the sunscreen. That’s what Jacksonville doctors are reminding people with summer right around the corner. The American Cancer Society estimates more than 135,000 new cases of melanoma skin cancer are diagnosed each year in the U.S.

Dr. Richard Joseph is an oncologist at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville and a nationally recognized expert on deadly melanoma.

Joseph says melanoma is when the melanocytes of our skin, the cells of our skin that tan when exposed to sunlight, turn to cancer.

The Florida Legislature is back in Tallahassee this week after ending their regular session three days early. Things fell apart after the House and Senate could not agree on how to get health insurance to the state’s low income residents. The standoff has real consequences for health care in our area, in particular at UF Health Jacksonville. UF Health CEO Russ Armistead joins us with his thoughts about the way forward for health care funding in Florida.

It's the nation's most common type of diagnosed cancer, and sadly, more and more teens and young adults are falling prey to the disease.

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, and America's dermatologists have a message for kids obsessed with tanning: don't.