Net Neutrality

Shannon LeDuke / WJCT

A new set of rules guiding the Internet in the United States are expected to go into effect after a Federal Communications Commission vote this month. The commission is expected to to start regulating the Internet as a public utility.

Net neutrality is the term advocates use to promote a free and open Internet.

They are against the creation of a two-tiered system online — slow speeds or lanes for small companies, and faster speeds for rich ones who have more money to pay for it.

Shannon LeDuke / WJCT

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler has proposed sweeping new regulations governing broadband Internet service. The FCC will vote on the proposal later this month. The measure would guarantee what is known as net neutrality by banning broadband companies from discriminating between different content providers based on how much they can pay. We speak with Ray Hollister and Tom Braun, the hosts of WJCT's technology podcast Deemable Tech.