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A fascinating new film celebrating the transformation of an abandoned railway on New York’s West Side into a stunning public park is coming to Jacksonville.

Democrat Bill de Blasio won the New York City mayor's race, defeating Republican Joseph Lhota. He became the first Democrat to win the office since 1989.

The Associated Press declared de Blasio the winner about 45 minutes after the city's polls closed at 9 pm ET. De Blasio had what appeared to be an insurmountable lead in polls heading into Election Day.

The election of de Blasio, an unabashed liberal, marked a definitive end of the Mayor Michael Bloomberg era.

In New York City, the country's largest police force has been involved in a high-profile legal battle over its stop-and-frisk policy.

Few policies of outgoing New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg have been as controversial as stop-and-frisk, the tactic New York police use to stop people on the streets without a search warrant.

The police department says it's been vital in catching criminals and reducing the city's crime rate.

A federal appeals court judge has put a temporary hold on changes to the New York Police Department's controversial "stop-and-frisk" policy ordered by a lower court and suspended the judge who made the earlier ruling.

(Update at 1 p.m. ET, Oct. 4: Click here for an important development — management and the stagehands have reached a deal.)

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Carnegie Hall's opening night gala was canceled Wednesday because of a strike by stagehands.

"It could have been me. It could have been me."

These were the words uttered by painter Jean-Michel Basquiat, who was deeply shaken after he heard the story of a black graffiti artist who was beaten to death by New York City police. Seeing his own life reflected in the death of a fellow artist, Basquiat went on to create Defacement (The Death of Michael Stewart), not only to commemorate the young man's death, but also to challenge the state-sanctioned brutality that men of color could face for pursuing their art in public spaces.


A just released, amazing film clip brings back to life the colorful life on the streets of New York City - from the summer of 1939, that's right you read right that's 1939.  The color footage, which comes from Romano-Archives and was recently released on the Web, is 74 years old.

100 years ago cities in America were vital and teeming with activity. Mass transit was an important mode of transportation.   Take a journey back in time and see what America looked like about a hundred years ago. From coast to coast, these pictures will transport you to another time.

In 2008 a nest box was installed on the Time Square Building  in the heart of Downtown Rochester, New York and Archer and Beauty, Peregrine Falcons, claimed it. They raised two young eyases in 2010, both of which fledged successfully. Archer is also the grandson of Mariah and Kaver, thus ensuring the continuation of their legacy in Rochester.