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County Health Rankings

The healthiest county in Florida is St. Johns, while Duval lags way behind.

That’s according to a study released last week measuring the overall health in almost every county in the United States.

The report, produced by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, breaks down the numbers into two categories: health factors and health outcomes. Both lists show St. Johns County is the healthiest in Florida.

Atlantic Beach City Commissioner Maria Mark is currently running for re-election against challenger John Stinson. Mark is best known for leading the effort to pass the first and only inclusive Human Rights Ordinance in Northeast Florida. The city of Atlantic Beach passed an inclusive HRO in August of 2014. We speak with Maria Mark about this and other key issues in her campaign.

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As the latest installment in the Jurassic Park franchise opens in theaters this week, First Coast Connect pop culture philosophy contributor Nicolas Michaud has thoughts about the portrayal of science in the series of films.

Based on the hugely popular series of books by Michael Crichton, Jurassic World once again brings dinosaurs back to life on the silver screen.

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The film "Fifty Shades of Grey" was a box office hit this Valentine's Day weekend. First Coast Connect pop culture philosophy contributor Nicolas Michaud says the story might not be the healthiest expression of love and romance.

"Fifty Shades of Grey," a film based on the book by E.L. James, opened in theaters this Valentine’s Day weekend. The book series has been hugely popular, having sold more than 100 million copies worldwide. 

We discuss the week's biggest news stories with our roundtable of local journalists: Fred Matthews, Examiner blogger; Dan Scanlan, Florida Times-Union reporter; Tim Gibbons, Jacksonville Business Journal editor; A.G. Gancarski, Folio Weekly and Florida Politics columnist.


As the latest film in the Hunger Games franchise opens this week, First Coast Connect pop culture philosophy contributor Nicolas Michaud has thoughts on dangerous entertainment both onscreen and on the field.

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With the new film The Maze Runner opening this weekend, First Coast Connect pop culture philosophy contributor Nicolas Michaud has thoughts on the portrayal of men and women in popular media.

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What are the Planet of the Apes films really about? It’s a question on the mind of First Coast Connect contributor Nick Michaud as the latest installment in the series is about to hit theaters.

In 1968, the Planet of the Apes shocked audiences. An astronaut (Charlton Heston), stranded on a strange world, finds himself imprisoned by talking apes. Our hero fights valiantly to free himself and the other human slaves.