Operation Ceasefire

Peter Haden / WJCT News

A recent surge in gang violence has Jacksonville city officials scrambling for solutions. The mayor and sheriff are pushing separate initiatives to attack the problem.

Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown made his announcement Wednesday at a Northwest Jacksonville community center surrounded by clergymen.  

“Enough is enough. We are not going to tolerate the violence in our city,” Brown said.

Then, Brown gave a strong warning:

“What’s happening in Baltimore can happen in Jacksonville if we don’t do what we need to do.”

James Crichlow / Jacksonville Business Journa

Dealing with crime in Jacksonville has become an issue for business owners in the city’s so-called "Ceasefire Zone."

Luís Vieira / Flickr

Jacksonville is struggling with a two-month citywide crime wave that’s been averaging one shooting a day and a murder every other day.

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Karen Feagins / WJCT

Jacksonville Sheriff John Rutherford, along with Mayor Alvin Brown, City Councilwoman Denise Lee and other city leaders, revealed at a Tuesday press conference the details of an anti-crime initiative called Operation Ceasefire, which began at the start of May.