Overland Bridge

aerial photo of highway project
Florida Department of Transportation

The massive Overland Bridge construction project on I-95 in downtown Jacksonville is set to wrap up in a couple of months.

The Jaxson co-founder Ennis Davis said a new exit at Atlantic Boulevard is expected to spur development around San Marco and St. Nicholas.

map of project area
Florida Department of Transportation

The Florida Transportation Department is studying the feasibility of adding express toll lanes on I-95 in both directions between J. Turner Butler Boulevard and Atlantic Boulevard.

Lane closures on I-95 northbound through downtown caused major backups earlier this week as work continued on the massive Overland Bridge project.

We discuss the state of that project, as well as the future of toll roads in Northeast Florida, with two of the lead engineers: Kim Holland of RS&H, lead designer on the Overland Bridge project; and Carrie Stanbridge, construction engineer with the Florida Department of Transportation.

aerial view of Overland bridge

Traffic is expected to be somewhat better on northbound I-95 through downtown Jacksonville Tuesday morning after major delays during rush hour Monday.

That’s when construction crews closed one of the three lanes because of problems with newly poured asphalt.

Florida Department of Transportation spokesman Ron Tittle says all northbound lanes should now be open. But he says that won’t fix all of the problems, which is why it’s important for drivers to stay focused when approaching downtown.  

aerial view of Overland bridge

Jacksonville commuters may be used to the snarl of traffic on downtown’s Overland Bridge on I-95, but changes are coming later this week. As work continues on the interstate, a major traffic shift is planned for the weekend.

sidewalk on bridge
Florida Department of Transportation

Drivers between downtown Jacksonville and San Marco should notice fewer delays in their commute. Work on the Main Street Bridge is complete after 17 months.

But Florida Transportation Department spokesman Ron Tittle says that work was just a drop in the bucket. Crews continue on nearby projects including the I-95 Overland Bridge. Tittle says, in Jacksonville this year, $400 million is going toward road construction and maintenance.

Peter Haden / WJCT News

The widening of Interstate 95 on Jacksonville’s Southside has come with the usual growing pains of progress: traffic congestion, lane closures and noise. The project has put one church congregation between the road and a hard place — and into a legal battle with the state.

If you come to worship at Glorious Bethlehem Temple and you forget your tambourine, Pastor Donald Richardson says, don’t worry. Richardson says some parishioners just pick up an instrument and join in. 

Denise Cox / WJCT

With crowds expected to flock to next week’s One Spark festival in downtown Jacksonville, work on the Main Street Bridge will be temporarily paused. The project of rehabbing the nearly 70-year-old bridge often causes delays with frequent lane closures. That work is scheduled to be complete by summer, but Florida Transportation Department spokesman Ron Tittle says other traffic delays are here to stay.

Jessica Palombo / WJCT

U.S. roads and bridges aren’t getting enough maintenance to keep drivers safe. That was the message the U.S. Transportation Secretary delivered in Jacksonville today. Secretary Anthony Foxx says the solution is a proposed spending bill called the Grow America Act.

Public Defender Matt Shirk, WJXR The Bargain Channel, and the Overland Bridge are all in the headlines today.