large confederate statue next to the entrance of the putnam county courthouse, some of the sky is in view
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The citizen-led Statue Relocation Committee met in Palatka for the first time Friday to discuss potential places to relocate the large Confederate statue standing outside of the Putnam County Courthouse.

Confederate statue in the middle of the walkway outside the courthouse, large courthouse in the background.
Sky Lebron / WJCT News

After a three-hour workshop that aired many different perspectives, the Putnam County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday evening decided to begin the process of relocating the large Confederate statue that stands outside the County Courthouse in Palatka.  

“After thinking about it for a month, are we gonna make everybody happy? No, we're not,” said Commission Chair Terry Turner. “We're not gonna make them happy if we leave it. We're not going to make them happy if we move it. We're not gonna make them happy if we put it on the ballot.”

Putnam County Courthouse and the monument right in the middle of the entrance, with many protesters surrounding the area.
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A portion of Tuesday’s Putnam Board of County Commissioners Workshop was dedicated to speaking about the generic Confederate soldier monument that stands in front of the entrance of the courthouse.

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Palatka can move forward with two water projects now that city leaders know they’ll have the money to do them.

machine mock-up

The Georgia-Pacific paper company, the largest private employer in Putnam County, announced on Friday it’s expanding its Palatka operation with a giant new machine.

The $400 million piece of equipment is expected to help the company add more than 120 jobs.

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The state's child-welfare chief said the recent death of a 4-year-old Palatka boy, allegedly strangled by an older child in his home, points to the challenges posed by families in which addiction, sexual abuse and domestic violence create a perilous environment.

In the case of 4-year-old Brayden Trahern, the boy's extended family had repeatedly been involved in beatings, molestations, incarceration, homelessness, prostitution and drug abuse going back years, Florida Department of Children and Families Secretary Mike Carroll said in an interview this week.


A new environmental education facility opened to the public in Palatka last month, inviting school groups to learn about wetlands and wildlife.

Some scientists who helped develop the center are questioning whether the manufacturer Georgia-Pacific had too much influence over its curriculum.

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In the Voices of the River series, we take a journey down the St. Johns River and hear from the people who depend on the river for their living, or whose lives are changed because they live close to it.

In the third part of the series we hear from Kraig McLane. He works for the St. Johns Water Management District in Palatka.

Florida House of Representatives

An anti-Common Core rant by Florida State Representative Charles Van Zant is making the rounds online.