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Wednesday on First Coast Connect we spoke with Jacksonville City Council President Anna Lopez Brosche about her relationship with Mayor Lenny Curry’s administration, the future of JEA and her future political plans (01:18).


Florida Ranks 8th-worst for Income Inequality

Jun 16, 2014

Florida has the country’s eighth-highest rate of income inequality. New analysis from Pew Trusts’ news service, Stateline, shows only six states and the District of Colombia are worse. Most Central Florida counties are near the U.S. average, but Orange County is in the top 20th percentile for inequity.

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TALLAHASSEE (The News Service of Florida) — A new study by the Pew Charitable Trusts finds Florida leading the nation in inmates who “max out” their sentences — serving 100 percent of their time and being released with no supervision beyond the prison gates.

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2014 could be a very good year for those looking for work in Florida.

Jacksonville's Retirement Reform Task Force has accepted an offer by The Pew Charitable Trusts to help develop a proposal to fix the city's problems with the Police and Fire Pension fund. Pew is offering it's services at no cost to the city.

A labor backed group called the National Public Pension Coalition has criticized Pew's pension reform efforts saying it been harming retirees and state and municipal employees.  Task force chair Bill Scheu says the complaints come from an unhappy minority who haven't gotten their way.

Jacksonville's Retirement Reform Task Force is expected to formally agree to work with the Pew Charitable Trusts on pension reform at their meeting on Friday. 

Pew has worked on pension reform proposals with other states and cities for several years. The research organization says its been very successful working with lawmakers to come up with plans that are sustainable and fair to employees.

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Jacksonville is not the only city facing a public employee retirement plan funding crisis. 

Executives from The Pew Charitable Trusts were in Jacksonville on Monday to offer their assistance in helping Jacksonville analyze and solve it's pension problems.

The Philadelphia-based non-profit has been studying pension issues around the country for six years. It recently helped the Commonwealth of Kentucky approve a pension reform plan.

Pew Charitable Trusts

At a meeting next Monday morning, the Jacksonville Retirement Reform Task Force will welcome the analysis of researchers from the Pew Charitable Trusts of the state of the city’s pension system.

In July, the Jacksonville City Council rejected a pension reform plan proposed by Mayor Alvin Brown.