Warren Miller

Today, Susan Michal chairs the Professional Photographers of America association. But she didn't start her career as a photographer.

For her ongoing series "Fallout," Jeanine Michna-Bales has been photographing Cold-War era nuclear shelters across the country, including the Jacksonville Civil Defense Emergency Operations Center. Wired interviewed the artists and has some photos from the project.

Celebrate Asia

Music, dance, beer and photography are in all options this weekend on the First Coast.

Courtesy of Vardi Kahana

A powerful photography exhibit focused on several members of one family who survived the Holocaust is being shown exclusively in Jacksonville.

Iran is a notoriously closed society, so this was an unusual milestone: It was recently the setting for a high-fashion magazine shoot, published in California-based magazine FSHN.

John Wark has had an unusual view of his home state of Colorado. He's a freelance photojournalist who pilots his own plane above the landscape, making pictures of flames and floods, farms and cities as he goes.

Bob Skinner is an architectural photographer by trade who photographs multimillion-dollar properties around New York. He doesn't often photograph people for his commercial work, but by his own admission, he is something of a "people person."

"I've learned that I can stand in the middle of a field with a camera and people will approach me. I'm very approachable. People say, 'You are a magnet,' and they just come up and start speaking with me."