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Tetlak holding Murray design superimposed over photo of wall
Sky Lebron/Heather Schatz / WJCT News

A wall mural that’s set to be finished in the Murray Hill neighborhood this week — colorful patterns around the story-high mug of actor Bill Murray — is facing some pushback from area business owners.

Duval County Courthouse
Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville

The Duval County Courthouse has a 3-acre lawn in the heart of Downtown Jacksonville. But there’s a plan to tranform what's essentially a big empty space, through public art.

Jacksonville Children's Chorus

If you drive through the Cathedral District in Downtown Jacksonville you may notice some new public art.

Kumar Pictures, LLC for the Cultural Council

This Thursday is the deadline for artists to apply to decorate part of downtown Jacksonville.


Jacksonville’s City Council voted this week to auction off a piece of art worth millions. The money will be split between a public art maintenance fund and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Patrick Fisher / Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville

The Downtown Investment Authority is starting off Public Art Week with a tour Tuesday of the 34 public art pieces recently added downtown.

Lindsey Kilbride / WJCT News

Jacksonville residents can now take a virtual tour of art around the city through an interactive online map.

It was created by the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville and there’s more to come.

Lindsey Kilbride / WJCT News

Updated 8:20 p.m. on 01/25/16 

On Sunday evening, downtown Jacksonville’s Union Art Studios and Gallery space was packed with about 100 artists.

They decided to band together after taking issue with a city plan to fund public art.


The Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville is an arm of city government that awards money to cultural organizations. We discuss public funding for art and the organization's work with Tony Allegretti, Executive Director of the Cultural Council, Christie Holecheck, Director of the Art in Public Places program, and Daniel Austin, Communications Director.

Courthouse exterior
City of Jacksonville

The city of Jacksonville is undertaking one of its largest-ever public art projects at the county courthouse downtown. The budget for adorning the new courthouse is nearly $900,000.

figures on the wall
Mary McIntyre / WJCT News

Downtown Jacksonville’s public art is becoming more highbrow, thanks to a project bringing museum pieces out into the streets.

The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens is behind the project it’s calling Jax Outings.

On a recent afternoon, Kevin Talisman was walking down the Monroe Street sidewalk across from Hemming Park. When he sees it, he does a doubletake.

“I’ve walked here, and I’ve never even seen it before,” he says.

It’s on an off-white wall next to an alley.

Jessica Palombo / WJCT News

The creative sector’s economic impact in Northeast Florida is more than $2 billion dollars a year. That figure comes from a study by the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville.  It shows 27,000 people are working in creative fields in the seven-county area.

From 2010 to 2013, creative-industry jobs grew 6 percent. Sound engineering showed the most growth, up 32 percent. And the profession employing the most people is photography, with more than 3,200 working in the field.

Murphy Stidham / WJCT News

Visitors to Jacksonville's Cummer Museum of Art may notice a new installation on the front lawn.  The pop-up public art piece is the creation of a Riverside artist who has plans for more.

The tall, aluminum sculpture comes from the studio of Dolf James, about a mile from the museum. The studio is spray-painted on the outside and filled with towering metal scraps on the inside.

Tiffany Manning / Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville

The Jacksonville City Council has approved plans aimed at drawing businesses and visitors Downtown. Yesterday, the Council voted 16-to-1 to set aside $2.5 million for the Downtown Investment Authority. A large chunk of that money is for public art.

City of Jacksonville

The Jacksonville City Council is handing over financial control over Downtown development to the Downtown Investment Authority. A host of proposed projects and a first-year budget of $2.5 million were approved at last night’s Council meeting.

Investment Authority CEO Aundra Wallace says immediate priorities include making the Southbank’s Riverplace Boulevard more pedestrian friendly.

Sculpture Walk Jax Coming To Main Street Park

Aug 7, 2014
Sculpture Walk Jacksonville

A sculpture park is expected to liven up Downtown Jacksonville in early September. The exhibit includes 16 works, 13 of which to be displayed in Main Street park.

Melissa Ross / WJCT

The case of the artist known as Keith Haring's Ghost, who was arrested for painting utility boxes in Jacksonville, was resolved on Monday without a conviction according to his attorney.

Dorota Pankowska

It's public art that might be described as "good to the last tag."

Creator Series- Yvonne Lozano

Mar 7, 2013
Creator Series
Yvonne Lozano

This week during the Creator Series, we met with Yvonne Lozano and spoke to her about her One Spark project I.M. JAX.