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More than 250 Duval County Teachers were told they’d be receiving bonuses, but were then notified they didn’t qualify for the extra pay.

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Assistant principals are playing a more hands-on role than ever before. Across the country, schools’ second-in-command are coming out of the office and into classrooms more often.

For Duval County teachers who want to move into the new role, a training program is offering that opportunity.


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The inaugural class of Jacksonville’s teacher residency program had its final meeting of the year Thursday.

The group is part of the privately funded Jacksonville Teacher Residency program, designed to recruit and retain high-performing STEM professionals to teach in the district’s toughest schools. WJCT first met the class of professionals in June when days spent in classrooms and nights of lesson-planning seemed far and away. Now it’s a daily reality with real obstacles.

Meet Our Two Featured Teachers

Name: George Jeffrey Teuber

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The start of this school year signaled the start of a new plan to transform nearly 40 struggling schools in Duval County. Monday, about three dozen local school and community leaders were at West Jacksonville Elementary to see how that effort is shaping up.

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Two candidates vying for the School Board seat in one Duval County’s most challenged districts made their pitch to a lively crowd Tuesday night.

Duval County Public Schools

The pathway has been cleared in Duval Schools for a new incentives program and a new assistant superintendent.

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In less than a month, school begins in Duval County, and at the University of North Florida, a group of novice educators are gearing up with a little extra help from a few top teachers in the district.

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With the sound of the Andrew Jackson High School band drumming in the background, hundreds of students, parents and teachers packed the Jackson High auditorium Monday night to hear about the multi-million endeavor aimed at transforming their schools.

Marriage equality, Quality Education for All and Dade Correctional Institution are in the headlines today.

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The new school year is about a month away, along with an unprecedented new performance incentives program in Duval County Public Schools. However, with just a few weeks to go before the initiative begins, the details on how the incentives will be administered remain unclear.

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Education is a journey taking students from possibilities to achievements. And it’s not for the faint of heart. 

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For most of Duval County, school’s out for summer, but for 11 young professionals sitting in a University of North Florida program the lessons are only getting started.

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Duval County has the framework for effective instruction, but it lacks the practice and the support, particularly in its highest need schools. That’s according to the results of a seven-month audit of the district.

Superintendent Nikolai Vitti presented the findings before members of the Duval County School Board Tuesday as part of a larger discussion on middle school reform.


About half of all new teachers leave the field within five years. Duval County businesses and community groups are trying to find a solution.

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Quality Education for All, or QEA, is a $50 million effort aimed at improving student achievement in 36 of the area’s toughest schools, and over the last 10 years it's generated nearly $40 million in local private funding. Those behind it call the effort unprecedented, but not yet sustainable.