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Florida May Join Jacksonville In Ending Red Light Cameras

Jan 12, 2018
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With little comment, the House voted Friday to eliminate the red-light camera statute that lawmakers have targeted since the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act of 2010 was created.

  Today on “First Coast Connect,” our weekly media roundtable included Florida Times-Union columnist Ron Littlepage, Folio Weekly Editor Claire Goforth and Timothy Gibbons, editor of the Jacksonville Business Journal (01:12). We heard about the upcoming TEDxJacksonville event with director Sabeen Perwaiz and Dr. Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa, or “Dr. Q,” who will be one of the speakers (35:04). We head a preview of this weekend’s China Cat Sunflower Festival with organizers Christina Parrish and Brenda Walker. Christina’s daughter, Hadley Parrish-Cotton, will perform at the festival and gave us an in-studio musical preview (43:37).   


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Five years after police began ticketing motorists caught on camera running red lights at dozens of Jacksonville intersections, the red-light camera program will end, Sheriff Mike Williams told City Council on Thursday.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement will investigate whether a political bribery scandal at a company that sells red light cameras extends to the firm's contracts with five Florida cities, including Jacksonville.

The Chicago Tribune reported last month that the former CEO of RedFlex had pleaded guilty in a federal bribery investigation. Also, a Tribune investigation uncovered wrongdoing in a Chicago contract, with allegations involving bribes paid to a politically connected former city official.

RedFlex operates the cameras at intersections all around town and in other major Florida cities.

We discuss the issue with Mark Seiden attorney and professor with Florida Coastal School of Law, and Paul Henry, a retired Florida state trooper who has been lobbying against red light cameras in the state via the Liberty First Network.

Ken Jefferson for Sheriff

Taking a veiled swipe at the current Jacksonville Sheriff's Officer leadership, Ken Jefferson says that if he's elected sheriff he won't "govern from behind the desk."

"I want to re-introduce the Police Department back to the community," said Jefferson, the Democratic candidate in the race to replace outgoing Sheriff John Rutherford.  

"What I'm finding out from my walks and talks all over the city is that people basically see 'drive-by cops.' There's no interaction."

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TALLAHASSEE (The News Service of Florida) — A measure to repeal the state's red-light traffic camera law will be pushed forward by lawmakers using a study from the Legislature's non-partisan policy office to support the effort.

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Some potentially scandalous red light traffic cameras in Jacksonville were in the news this week.

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The Florida State Legislature is expected to review red light camera legislation this session, and some local lawmakers say there are serious flaws in the current system.

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Florida Is Cashing in on Red-Light Cameras

Oct 15, 2013

While Florida's $158 fine is not as high as the penalty California red-light runners pay -$490 with one point on their drivers license - it is among the highest fines among the 24 states and territories with red-light traffic fines according to a Stateline report.

Red Light Cameras Now At San Jose Blvd And Claire Lane

Jul 29, 2013

Red light cameras at San Jose Blvd and Claire Lane started a 30 day test phase on Monday.

Both northbound and southbound lights at the intersection are now part of the Jacksonville's Red Light Enforcement Program.

The cameras capture and transmit vehicle data to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

The new cameras started a 30 day grace period on Monday. No tickets will be issued, but drivers may see the cameras flash, police said.