At-Risk Youth

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  The Jacksonville nonprofit JASMYN is adding a new safety-net resource center to support homeless young people at its Riverside campus.

Ashton Elder

“Hope hop” music is a blend of gospel and hip hop — and it’s growing in popularity in Jacksonville.

A local artist and youth pastor hopes the music will keep teens from going down the wrong path.

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The Duval County school district has many programs in place for at-risk youth: mentorships, graduation coaches, reading interventionists, and so on.

But guidance for kids doesn’t always come from the district. One Westside man is taking the matter into his own hands.


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A juvenile justice “fair” took over part of the Duval County Courthouse Wednesday.

It was Circuit Judge Suzanne Bass’s idea to bring together dozens of government agencies, youth service providers, educators, parents and community activists in a second-floor room of the courthouse so they could get to know each other.

“I see a lot of kids in my courtroom who haven’t found services, and these are the kids, the at-risk kids, that desperately need these services,” Bass said. “I’m connecting dots, hoping to.”

Billed as a unique program to help the city's at-risk youth, the One City, One Jacksonville Leadership Week is connecting 100 young men with some of the city's top political and faith leaders this week. The goal is to help them make better decisions, respect authority, and do well in school. We speak with Rev. John E. Guns, founder of Operation Save Our Sons, who organized the initiative with the City of Jacksonville.

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A national nonprofit program that partners with businesses to provide professional services for at-risk youth has a new chapter in Jacksonville.

Year Up accepts a limited number of students, from ages 18 to 24, who have the desire to expand upon their professional skill set. The students must have at least a high school GED.

The nonprofit has put 23 students through training at Florida State College at Jacksonville. The classes prepare students for careers in office management, telecommunications, banking and other industries.