Riverside Presbyterian Church

Faith Matters: Healthcare Via Faith-Based Organizations

Aug 30, 2017

On Wednesday’s “Faith Matters,” hosts Kyle Reese and Nancy Broner spoke with their guests about the significant amount of healthcare provided by faith-based institutions on the First Coast.

Guests Diane Raines, Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer for Baptist Health, and the Rev. Steve Goyer, Senior Pastor at Riverside Presbyterian Church, talked about the history and theology of faith-based healthcare.

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Chemen Lavi Miyò (CLM), which is Haitian Creole for “the pathway to a better life,” is a program that helps Haiti’s most disadvantaged citizens lift themselves out of poverty. CLM works with 2,500 families in the Central Plateau for 18 months at a time. The program helps Haitians learn skill sets that will empower them to pull their families out of poverty and be self-sufficient.