School Safety Assistants

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Another school district in Northeast Florida is taking part in the Guardian Program, which allows armed staff to patrol school grounds.

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A group of Duval parents are being asked to tweak their argument in a legal fight against armed guards in public schools.

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Local parents are suing to stop the use of armed safety assistants in the Duval County Public Schools.

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A lawsuit has been refiled against the Duval County Public Schools district for hiring armed staffers to patrol school grounds after the first version was rejected on technical grounds.

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As of this week, 14 people had passed screening and training to become armed “school safety assistants” in Duval County’s elementary schools. The problem? More than 100 were supposed to be ready the first week of school to comply with state law.

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By law, all schools in Florida are required to employ a sworn officer or trained guard by the first day. With not enough guards hired, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is assigning officers to fill the gap.

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The Duval County School Board heard from school police Chief Micheal Edwards Tuesday, who is heading up the hiring of 105 school safety assistants to patrol the district’s elementary schools.

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The Clay County School Board has approved the creation of a new position — armed safety officers — to staff its 27 elementary schools starting next school year.