Sheriff John Rutherford

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Jacksonville’s mental-health providers are brainstorming how to better serve prison and jail inmates despite small budgets.

Mental health providers and law-enforcement officers met Thursday and Friday to talk about the intersection of mental illness and criminal justice. The two-day event was meant to help identify gaps in service and how to bridge them.

Christine Cauffield is Executive Director at Lutheran Services Florida Health Systems. She says low funding is a persistent barrier.

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A Jacksonville state senator is pushing to change a state law that allows police to take people’s personal property when they suspect it’s connected to a crime — even if the person is never arrested. Jacksonville Republican Aaron Bean says it’s time to overhaul the system known as civil-asset forfeiture.

Bean says civil-asset forfeiture doesn’t happen to most people. But he says he’s heard from more than one person in the district whose property was seized by police. For one, a man was on his way to an auction with $2,000 in cash when he was pulled over.

  We discuss the week's biggest news stories with our roundtable of local journalists: Mark Woods, Florida Times-Union reporter; John Burr, Jacksonville Business Journal editor; Eric Smith, People and Politics host; and Jeff Billman, Folio Weekly editor.

Topics include a proposed amendment from Sen. John McCain that could have an impact on the First Coast's shipbuilding and repair industry, the Jacksonville mayoral and sheriff's races, supermarket chain Kroger potentially purchasing the Bi-Lo company.

Ken Jefferson for Sheriff

Jacksonville Sheriff candidate Ken Jefferson is being endorsed by the Coastal Florida Police Benevolent Association. Jefferson made the announcement today on a Northwest Jacksonville street corner where a 16-year-old was killed in a drive-by shooting last month.

He stresses the need for police to build trust in the community.  But one neighborhood man’s reaction to the news conference shows there’s a long road ahead toward that goal.

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A prevalent local street gang has been dealt “a serious blow,” according to Jacksonville Sheriff John Rutherford.

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Jacksonville Sheriff John Rutherford, along with Mayor Alvin Brown, City Councilwoman Denise Lee and other city leaders, revealed at a Tuesday press conference the details of an anti-crime initiative called Operation Ceasefire, which began at the start of May.

Sheriff John Rutherford, Florida Senator Joe Negron, and Aaron Hernandez are in the headlines today.

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Jacksonville's future residents can look forward to a glimpse into the past after the dedication and unveiling of a time capsule at the Duval County Courthouse this week.

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Duval County Property Appraiser Jim Overton says he will run for Mayor of Jacksonville. He expects to file in the next few days.


Florida lawmakers want to toughen the state’s sexual predator laws and they’ve said the reforms will be the centerpiece of this year’s legislative session.

The Office of Mayor Alvin Brown

According to a new University of North Florida poll, Mayor Alvin Brown’s approval rating has dropped in the past year, but he still leads all potential challengers for re-election.

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The Florida State Legislature is expected to review red light camera legislation this session, and some local lawmakers say there are serious flaws in the current system.

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

Police are still investigating a rash of shootings that happened overnight Monday.

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There have been 17 homicides in Jacksonville since August 1, following 15 homicides in July.

Jacksonville Sheriff John Rutherford says a new agreement with the Nassau County Sheriff's office will help free up time for his officers to investigate such crimes.

The Cops Without Borders program allows Nassau and Duval County deputies and officers to cross the county boarder while pursuing suspects or investigating a crime without first having to seek permission. 

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Jacksonville Sheriff John Rutherford says they have brought down a gang that had been terrorizing the Grand Park neighborhood. The investigation began in 2007 after a noticeable increase in the number of crimes being committed in the area.