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DeSantis Signs Crackdown On Social Media Companies

May 24, 2021
An iPhone displays a Facebook page.
Jenny Kane / Associated Press

Taking aim at Silicon Valley, Gov. Ron DeSantis on Monday signed a measure to crack down on large social-media companies that block users from their platforms.

Florida House of Representatives

A legal nonprofit is warning state Rep. Kimberly Daniels, D-Jacksonville, to stop blocking constituents from commenting on or reacting to her Facebook posts. 

Florida Creamery

We begin the hour with a discussion about the controversy surrounding Angela Wilcox, owner of the Florida Creamery ice cream shop in Avondale.

In a recent Facebook exchange with another local business owner, Wilcox vented about everything from liberals, to ISIS, to people who don’t sign paychecks.

The posts have since been taken down, but not before they went viral, and were viewed more than 30,000 times.

Clay County Schools

Clay County School Superintendent Charlie Van Zant is urging parents to monitor what their children are saying on social media.

After recent threats of violence and bombs, Van Zant posted his message to parents in a video online.

JSO Uses Social Media To Humanize Officers

Nov 16, 2015
Jacksonville Sheriff's Office


Kevin Munger is a JSO officer. He’s been on the force for 13 years, and a highlight of his year is working the Jacksonville Fair.

“I’ll grab a sticker out of my pocket, and walk up to one and say, ‘Here, bud,’ or ‘Here, sweetheart, I’ve got a sticker for you,’” Munger said.


This week marks 50 years since the creation of Medicare and Medicaid. The 2015 Medicare Made Clear Index polled older Americans to gauge perceptions of Medicare, its impact on seniors’ lives over the past 50 years and expectations for the program’s future. We discuss the survey's findings with Michael Lawton, CEO of UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Florida.


Rhema Thompson

The head of one of the most powerful law enforcement agencies in the country was in town Tuesday to talk counter-terrorism, cyber-war and the new challenges in the age of social media.

  FBI Director James Comey stopped in Jacksonville as part of his tour of the country’s 56 FBI field offices.

His visit to the region was particularly timely with recent news of several Twitter threats aimed at nearby University of Florida.

Law enforcement informed students at the Gainesville campus of the threatening messages sent from 15 separate account holders from around the U.S.

Rhema Thompson / WJCT

Seventeen-year-old Kioni Campbell can remember when he tried one of the challenges.

Rhema Thompson / WJCT

Asa and Priscilla Maass’ fight for their daughter’s education has been a long one. But it’s the last month that has felt longest.

Duval schools, "I'm so Duval" and Adrian Wyllie were among our top stories this week.

Florida Center for Instructional Technology

How "Duval" are you?


Angie asks, “Can you explain Twitter for me? I understand that you can only ‘tweet’ short messages, but I don't know what the point of it is or if its worth signing up for an account.”

Wikimedia Commons

Since Facebook made its grand entrance into cyberspace circa 2004, it has created a digital stage for self-promotion.

The Jacksonville City Council, Stand Your Ground, and "crack hoes" are in the headlines today.

U.S. Department of Education

Today is the start of Teacher Appreciation Week. The North Carolina-based Center for Teaching Quality has launched a social media campaign called "Teaching Is." They want teachers to clear up misconceptions about the job. 

StateImpact Florida's John O'Connor asked three Florida teachers — Lalla Pierce from Pensacola, Mike Meiczinger of Lutz and Jaraux Washington of Tampa — to read their tweets and talk about what teaching is.

Morgan Burden / Facebook

Jacksonville’s culinary landscape is continually evolving, but a few signature dishes have survived the shifting landscape, as new plates make their mark.

wats_da_t_jax / Instagram

River Region Human Services has received a federal grant for a program that uses social media to reach targeted populations with messages of substance abuse and HIV prevention.


Facebook is celebrating a decade online, and simultaneously launching a new app.

@MUUAH_MARY / Twitter

The Mathews Bridge made waves on Twitter after being struck by a ship this afternoon.

The bridge is currently closed indefinitely. The closure, shortly before rush hour, created one of the worst traffic snags in recent history.

Here are some of the things people were posting and sharing via social before, immediately following, and after the bridge was struck and closed:

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars won their final pre-season game against the Atlanta Falcons 20-16 last night, but fans were celebrating before the team ever took the field.

The NFL agreed to change the team’s official abbreviation from JAC to JAX, the result of a day long Twitter campaign by fans using the hashtag #JAXnotJAC.

The first tweet using the hashtag appeared at 10:45 a.m. on Saturday:

Teens Avoid Supervision With New Social Media Hangouts

Aug 20, 2013
The South Carolina Association of School Librarians/Flickr

Teens are constantly looking for new social media platforms that their parents may not know about yet.


An image of a white spider accompanied by a story of strange deaths in Jacksonville is making the rounds on Facebook.  

The spider pictured is real— but not deadly, nor in Florida.  

The Two-Striped Telamonia exists, but it lives in South American rainforests and poses no threat to humans.

The story says three women experienced strange symptoms and died after visiting a local restaurant.

JSO Recognized As Social Media Leader

Apr 29, 2013

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office was named fifth Most Social Media Friendly Police Department, ahead of agencies such as the New York Police Department and the Los Angeles Police Department.