St. Augustine Distillery

St. Augustine Distillery

Imagine being able to pull up a website or get on the phone and order your favorite craft bourbon or other spirit and have it delivered to your door.

Wednesday on “First Coast Connect” we spoke with former Jacksonville City Council President and chair of Florida’s Commission on Ethics about a move by legislative leaders to place additional restrictions on the commission’s operations. Ahead of Wednesday’s Women’s Giving Alliance annual forum we heard from Alliance President Ellen Wiss and speaker Mike Beard, the executive director for the United Nations Foundation Advocacy and Global Health. St. Augustine historian and author Robert Gold talked about his latest book “Dead and Gone,” and St. Augustine Distillery CEO Philip McDaniel discussed a bill in the state legislature to benefit distilleries in Florida. 

Uber and Lyft

The Jacksonville City Council is currently debating how and whether ride-for-hire companies like Uber and Lyft which have disrupted the traditional taxicab model here in North Florida.

City Councilman Matt Schellenberg is chair of that body’s Vehicles for Hire Committee

He joins us to discuss the issue.

This July brought changes to Florida’s craft distilling industry.  New laws loosened regulations to allow more flexibility in person-to-person sales.  But some distillers hope those changes are just the first step.

In a second floor office of a warehouse that used to produce electricity and store ice for St. Augustine’s, Phil McDaniel is rooting through a small cabinet.

“So this is,” he begins, “that’s some whiskey, you can see the color, I mean it’s amazing.”