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The city of St. Petersburg on Tuesday reported a data breach that could impact thousands of their customers. The breach took place between August 11 and September 25. More than 28,000 customers may have been affected.

Following a disaster like a hurricane, first responders and emergency management officials have their hands full, and while many people might like to offer their help by volunteering, untrained volunteers can often be less than helpful, and sometimes even just get in the way. Community Emergency Response Teams, or CERTS, have been around since the early 90s. They provide a standardized training process that prepares volunteers to respond safely, responsibly, and effectively to emergency situations.

Insurers Shun Providing Data To State Health-Care Website

Oct 2, 2018

The pushback against Gov. Rick Scott’s effort to create a health-care transparency website appears to be more widespread than state officials previously acknowledged.

Twenty million people watched the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings on TV last week, and that does not include people who watched the hearing digitally, or in non-metered markets, so the grand total is likely considerably higher. On today's show we're exploring the impact this testimony, and the national conversation it's generated, has had on women, and men -- particularly those who were in college or high school in the era of the Porky’s movie franchise, when consent was more loosely defined, and raunchier behavior was normalized by our culture at large.

49 people were killed in the Pulse Nightclub shooting in 2016. But an investigation from Health News Florida's Abe Aboraya and Pro Publica finds some people may have survived if paramedics had been allowed inside the club sooner.

This week on Florida Matters we hear that story and talk about how response efforts have changed since the massacre.

A University of South Florida student is speaking out about his past in the white nationalist movement.

Scott Ernest, an undergraduate student in public health at USF Tampa, said he first got involved in the movement online in 2004 and eventually moved to Montana to join a white nationalist organization. Now, Ernest advises young people who are thinking about leaving the alt-right, particularly those who are LGBT.

It may feel like prices at the gas pump are higher than they've been in a while. Well, AAA on Monday reported gas prices hit a four-year high for the month of September. 

Residents of tent city, the most recognizable homeless encampment in Ft. Lauderdale, stood in line outside of the Broward Public Library Monday to receive free haircuts.  

Eight local barbers set up shop on the sidewalk. They splayed the tools of their trade on folding tables as generators powered their clippers. One by one, they trimmed, cut, and shaved the heads of nearly 40 homeless individuals, always asking their clients' names and what brought them to their chair.

South Florida voters will need to do some homework before heading to the ballot box in the upcoming November general election. Some voters may have more than one page of items and races to vote on. That includes 12 amendment items to be considered for inclusion in the state constitution.

Some of those amendments are actually more than one item that had to be bundled together as to not have too many items on the ballot. A couple of those are being challenged in court.

Voters in Broward County will decide in November whether to increase sales tax from six percent to seven. That extra penny per dollar would be locked in for three decades - all in the name of funding transportation projects and upgrades.

WLRN asked Broward County's Transportation Director, Christopher Walton, to talk about the specific projects the tax increase would fund.

Out of more than 700 projects already identified, Walton said more buses and bus routes top that list - as well as street upgrades and synchronizing traffic lights. 

The City of Tallahassee is taking inventory of its trees. Tree canopies cover 55% of Tallahassee. 

A little more than a month out from the November election, the courtship of Puerto Ricans in Florida intensified Monday, with the island’s governor throwing his support behind U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson in what could be seen as a blow to Nelson’s opponent, Republican Gov. Rick Scott.

Gov. Ricardo Rosselló’s endorsement of Nelson unleashed pushback from Scott, who’s made nine trips to storm-ravaged Puerto Rico since Hurricane Maria wreaked havoc on the U.S. territory a year ago.

Car shoppers can now donate a portion of the sales tax they would have paid on vehicle purchases to support scholarships for students who've been bullied.

One of Florida's newest vouchers — called the Hope Scholarship — aims to help public school students who report being victims of bullying or harrassment attend a private school instead. The program was one of outgoing Republican House speaker Richard Corcoran's top priorities during the 2018 legislative session.

Equality Florida wants protection from discrimination for LGBT state workers. The organization’s executive director, Nadine Smith, claims Governor Rick Scott said he would consider an executive order protecting such workers following the Pulse night club shooting. But she says that never happened.

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